Take a look at some of the new stuff we’ve added to the Item Mall!
The Freezing Rain lucky box is available now for only 25 Gold. It will be in our Item Mall until December 2, 2019 (8:00 AM)!

Check the list of goodies you can get on our lucky box:


Get a chance to win this awesome  Kongming Lantern Mount Egg and  Misty City Avatar chest!

Kongming Lantern Mount Egg

The Misty City Avatar chest contains random Avatar Cards from Warsong City Set

Ultimate Blood King

Dark General Soulflayer

Shadow General Bitter Hatred

Snakefist Guardian

Avarice General Red Tooth

Spectral General Broken River

 A Chance to get these limited fashions on our current lottery box  

Tender Socialite Fashion Pack

Artistic Youth Fashion Pack