Climb to the heavens and reach ultimate glory. PlayPark Perfect World opens Pan Gu for the grandest tournament of champions – the Level Race! A blizzard of rewards are waiting for those who make it to the top. Read on to know how you can claim glory.

Date: Nov 14 – Dec 14, 2018

1. The first in each class to reached level 101 will win.


  • Wu Xia
  • Fa Shih
  • Yao Shou
  • Yao Jing
  • Yu Ling
  • Yu Mang
  • Xi Shou
  • Wu Shih
  • Jian Ling
  • Hun Ling
  • Ye Ying
  • Yu Xia

2. Players who reached level 90 are required to join the Immortals Clan.

3. The players who reached 101 should post the screenshot of their character with Char Info in and in their FB timeline with the hash tag #PWLevelRace #PerfectWorldReturns #PlayPark_PerfectWorld

4. Send your screenshots(with the date window open in game) to with the subject PW Level Race include your username, character name and date/time when you reached level 101.


  • 6x Prestige Toolnote·Sunmoon Shige (WX, YS, JL)
  • 6x Prestige Toolnote·Dianfu Light (YM, XS, YY)
  • 6x Prestige Toolnote·Phoenix Nine (FS, YL, YJ, WS, HL, YX)
  • 1x Godmoon Prestige Tool·Physical (WX, YS, YM, XS, JL)
  • 1x Godmoon Prestige Tool·Magic (FS, YL, YJ, WS, HL)
  • 1x ☆Solitary Isolation (YY)
  • 1x ☆Rainfall Blossom (YX)
  • 100x Vision Gem

Prestige Toolnote(armors) contains the following but you can only choose 1:

Prestige Toolnote·Sunmoon Shige
•  ☆Sun-Moon Shining Cuirass
•  ☆Sun-Moon Shining War Armor
•  ☆Sun-Moon Shining Leggings
•  ☆Sun-Moon Shining War Boots
•  ☆Sun-Moon Shining Sleeves
•  ☆Sun-Moon Shining

Prestige Toolnote·Dianfu Light
•  ☆Holy Light Helmet
•  ☆Holy Light War Armor
•  ☆Holy Light Greaves
•  ☆Holy Light Light Shoes
•  ☆Holy Light Armlets
•  ☆Holy Light

Prestige Toolnote·Phoenix Nine
•  ☆Phoenix Pinion Crown
•  ☆Phoenix Pinion Mantle
•  ☆Phoenix Pinion Breeches
•  ☆Phoenix Pinion Sandals
•  ☆Phoenix Pinion Armlets
•  ☆Phoenix Pinion

Goodmoon Prestige(weapon) contains the following item but you can only choose 1:

Godmoon Prestige Tool·Physical
•  ☆Cacophony Dervish
•  ☆Driving Swift Wind
•  ☆Dragonscale Buster
•  ☆God-Executioner
•  ☆Heavenly Palm
•  ☆Shadowless Ignorance

Godmoon Prestige Tool·Magic
•  ☆Nonhuman Creation
•  ☆Holy Tears Flowery Death
•  ☆A Leaf of Bodhi
•  ☆Dreamless Chant

Event Rules

• All players may join this event.
• Winners must use/equip the prizes.
• If there’s a tie. No prize will be given.
• To ensure the smooth proceeding of the event, players who disrupt will be punished in accordance to our abuse policy.
• PlayPark reserves the right to amend or change of the event mechanism without prior notice.