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SPOOKTOBER Attendance Event


Heroes~ Start your Perfect World daily habit today to get awesome Login Bonus.🎊


Schedule: October 19 12:00 AM – October 25 11:59 PM (GMT+8)


🔍How to Join and Win?
– Get at least 6 Signed Attendance Cards within the event period.


🔍How to get a Signed Attendance Card?
– You will automatically get a signed attendance card after playing for at least an hour.


🔍Other Rules

☑This event is active in both the Moon and Sun Servers.
☑If you get disconnected, it’s ok. Attendance is based on the total time you spent playing.
☑Only level 31 and above can get the singed attendance card after an hour of login. BUT don’t forget to claim it



Sun Server
– 300 pcs Skypool Scriptures
– 1 Glyph Pack LV5
– 150 pcs Holy Pills
– 150 pcs Spectral Pills

Note: all items are non-tradable

New Moon Server
– 300 pcs Skypool Scriptures
– 1 Glyph Pack LV5*
– 1 GM Lamb of Blessing EXP Pill


Note: all items are non-tradable

*Glyph lvl 4 is upgraded to lvl 5


Attendance is a must! 🎊