October Item Mall Update

Oct 14, 2021 | Item Mall, Notice

See what’s new on our Item Mall.

New Items:

Immortal Chart Chest
“Hot” > “New” Tab
Contains Immortal Chart x10 (Tradable)

Float Booking Token
Other” > “Wedding” Tab
The Couple must own a Float Booking Token Each and go to the Matchmaker in West City in a party to schedule for Float Parade.

Mystical Crest Pack
“Hot” > “Refine” Tab
Contains one of the following items (Random):
All items are bounded to character


Phoenix Gift Luck Pouch
“Hot” > “Packs” Tab
(Each Character can only use once, Items are untradable).
A gift Pack for all warriors to help with Star Chart efforts.
Contains the following items:
Astropira Pearl Lv1 x50
Nebula Dust Orb x100
Astrobana Pearl Lv3 x 30

Coupon of Magnificence will be available on our Item Mall for 40 Gold, until October 17, 2021.
“Hot” > “New” Tab
Exchange for a ticket of magnificence to Trade Deputy Wang Cai NPC.
Used for Palette of Fortune

Get 1 fortune point per Color Burst, reach a certain amount to get rewards from the Palette of fortune Reward listed on the left side of the window.
Using 5 in a row guarantees a special or better reward.


New Fashion: 

Blessed Mouse Fashion♀

Blessed Mouse Fashion♂

New Fashion Weapons:

Koi Talisman

Koi Daggers

Koi Bow

Koi Staff

Koi Dual Fans

Koi Wand

Koi Fan

Koi Sabre

Koi Scythe

Koi Cannon

Koi Sword and Shield


The GM Soar Above the Sky is available now for 25 Gold.
It will be in our Item Mall until October 25, 2021 (8:00 AM)
This new box gives you a chance to gain Moonstone of Punishment, Entwined Vines / Petal Trend Fashion, And  Moonlight Crystal Pack!

Divine Wings: Rainbow Stride

Entwined Vines Fashion:

Petal Trend Fashion:

October 2021