Take a look at some of the new stuff we’ve added to the Item Mall!
The Breeze of the Fall lucky box is available now for only 25 Gold. It will be in our Item Mall starting today until November 4, 2019 (8:00 AM)!

Check the list of goodies you can get on our lucky box:

Get a chance to win these awesome Flights!

Skyseer’s Tome
Fa Shih, Wu Xia


Yao Shou, Yao Jing

Wings of the Nova
Yu Ling, Yu Mang


Moon Silk
Xi Shou, Wu Shih

Star Shadow
 Hun Ling, Jian Ling

Feral Flame
Yu Xia, Ye Ying

Summer Nile Fashion Pack

High Admiral Fashion 

What’s Hot? 

Casual Beach [ Male Fashion ]

Glass Blossom Set [ Female Fashion ]

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