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Team Sentinels

After a day of action-packed eSports fun, the Top 2 teams for the Perfect World Phoenix Council Wars 2017 (PCW2017) were revealed last Sunday, June 4! On one side, we have Dynasty Wars Northern Warlord – Team EF. On the other, we have the Territorial Warlords Chimera Champion – Team Sentinels.

The finalists for the Dynasty Wars Northern Warlord Team EF and GG EZ battled and Team EF emerged victorious and gained a slot in Final 8.

The PCW2017 Warlords finally met up to determine the Top 2 teams to fight for the tournament’s prized championship. Territorial Warlords, Jade Warlords, Dynasty Warlords and Topaz Warlords match-ups were selected at random.

In the last hurdle to the meet the Final 2 teams, Southern Warlord Champion – EM met against Territorial Warlord Chimera Champion – Sentinels. EM was hoping to make it to the Grand Finals for their much awaited redemption from last year’s PCW. Sentinels was aiming to prove their server’s supremacy. A clean sweep and a two-win victory earned Sentinels a ticket to the Grand Finals at the Playpark All-Stars 2017.

Then, it became a battle of Northern Warlords – EF vs Topaz Warlord – CalamityT both from Phoenix Server in the second bracket. CalamityT manages to take the round 1 while EF takes the round 2. A do or die situation for both teams became so intense that Calamity gets the first blood by eliminating the Wu Xia of EF. CalamityT gains the upper hand but EF didn’t give up and the Yao Jing of CalamityT got exterminated after. A 4 on 4 battle continuous and the Yu Ling of EF almost got executed but survived because of the Spirit Rejuvenation of their Wu Shih. EF counters attacks and obliterates the Yu Ling of CalamityT. EF wipes out the remaining members of CalamityT and took the remaining ticket to the Playpark All-Stars 2017 Grand Finals.

This coming July 2, at the Playpark All-Stars 2017, these two challengers will meet at the ultimate arena to find out who has what it takes to reach the pinnacle of Phoenix Council Wars 2017.