Discover a new way to have fun. Perfect Journey equals the Perfect Leveling Pack. Just reach level 70 and get extra items to boost up your gaming experience in the New Moon Server.


1. All New Moon Server player can join.
2. Reach Level 70 until August 21, 2019 (11:59 pm) to receive the Perfect Leveling Pack.

Prizes(Updated due to technical reasons):

1 Platinum Amulet – Restore HP total of 1200000. Trigger when the value of HP drops to 50%
1 Platinum Hierogram – Restore total of MP 1800000. Triggers when the value of  MP drops to 75%.
2 Inventory Expansion Stone – Take this to the Bank Owner to increase Inventory space.
2 Storage Expansion Stone – Take this to the Bank Owner in order to increase your Storage Space.
1 Happy Joy Pack – Contains Hoppin’ Economy! (7 Days) and a random Emoticon item (7 Days)
1 Perfect Voucher (5M) – Get an instant 5 Million Yuan upon selling this item to any NPC.
20 Booster Pill – Up to 5x EXP Rate depends on your choice.
5 Perfect Teleport Stone – Mysterious stone. Teleports you to the previously activated across the Perfect Mainland. Cannot be used in combat.
3 War Avatar Pack C – Gain a random level C War Avatar. EXP increased after being consumed: 1
25 Ancient Gift – Use it to increase your EXP, Soul and Vitae gain by 50%.

Prizes will be inserted by August 16, 2019 and another batch by August 23, 2019.

More events are coming your way. Stay tuned for more events on the Perfect World official website, fanpage and community group.