Thank you, Heroes, for joining 10 years of adventure with Perfect World. The festivities culminated at the Perfect World 10th Anniversary Grand Celebration held last July 30, 2017 at Centerstage, Makati City. Laughs and cheers filled the hall. We couldn’t ask for a better community to share this momentous event with. Salamat sa isang dekadang samahan, Heroes!



The Perfect World team kicked off the event with big announcements. First, in the coming tournaments, a new format will be in place with a 6v6 line up that will include the newest classes. Secondly, heroes can expect game updates in the coming months. Lastly, a new system for the Level Up! Rewards will be implemented in the near future. Of course, there are loads more to look forward to this 10th year of Perfect World.



Even though many could not make it to the event, their support could definitely be felt even before the party and during the live streams. For those who attended, everyone went home big winners from the fun games hosted, the giveaways, and the auction. Clans in attendance were also acknowledged with a Grand Celebration Certificate of Recognition for all of their contributions to the game and to the community.



Best of all; check out these special awardees heralded at the event.
• Star of the Night –  “BudGeeD”
• King of the Night –  “~David~”
• Queen of the Night – `sophieD
• Couple of the Night – “mEduzSaT” and “LOST”
• Mal eDancer of the Night – “6★Phantom”
• Female Dancer of the Night – “shalltear”
• Nasa Pera ang Lakas – “Myst”

Special Raffle Winners
10th anniv special raffle

To all the Perfect World Heroes, thank you for 10 amazing years. May this celebration mark the beginning of an even better journey to our 11th year in existence and further.