Ancient stories tell of a time when the Sun and Moon align, creating a portal between the realms known as the Eclipse. The once peaceful world of Sun is now in peril as the looming forces from the Moon start to take over. That is why Lord Pangu calls on the brave Sun warriors come together in a Blood Pact for this coming Bloodbath!

Duration of the Event: October 17, 2019, to December 17, 2019.


1. All Clan Masters in Sun Server are eligible to join. Newly created Clans are also allowed to join.
2. Clan Masters can recruit as many New Blood as they can.
3. Clan Master must register their Clan here: [Click here]
(Clan Masters may always update the form whenever they acquire a new member)
4. Clan Masters must help their New Bloods reach Rebirth Level 2 before the Bloodbath starts on November 16, 2019.
5. All recruited members must create a new PlayPark account and a character starting October 17 and reach required rebirth numbers within the duration of the event.
6. All registered clans with new members that will reach at least Rebirth 1 will be rewarded.
7. Note that for every 3 members that a Clan Master recruits, he will be entitled to give 1 existing member to have the exact same prize as the new player. This will give a chance for an existing member to help the clan master to recruit a new player.

All RB 1 Members (DP Amor Set and DP Weapon, 100 pcs Nebula Orb)
All RB 2 Members (7 pcs DB 1-DB 8 and 1 pc DB 10, 150 pcs Vitae Pills, 200 pcs Dragon Bloody Stones and 100k Fame)
*Dragon Balls are bounded to character

The Clan Master with the most recruits will also get a special bonus(Minimum of 20 recruits):
30k Cash worth of EB Package or 25 k Worth of Gold Items – Highest number of recruit
20k Cash worth of EB Package or 15 k Worth of Gold Items – 2nd Highest
10k Cash worth of EB Package or 8 k Worth of Gold Items – 3rd Highest

Note: Clan masters must submit an ID of the newly recruited members. GM Team and Moderators will verify their identity before winning the title.

AND THERE’S MORE TO IT! Special Raffle to All Participants/New Bloods (LIVE Draw: November 18, 2019)

10 Winners of:
1 pc R8 Weapon Material Pack(Complete set of materials to 1st recast your Rank 8 weapon)
4 pcs R8 Armor Material Pack(Complete set of materials to 1st recast your Rank 8 Armor Set)

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