Come and join us this coming July 2, 2017 at Skydome SM North EDSA as we celebrate the Playpark All-Stars Finals.

Schedule of Events:
10:00AM: Door Open
10:10AM: Raffle/Bundle/Jacket
12:00PM: PCW2017 Finals
1:00PM: Lunch
1:30PM: PW Final Exam Registration
2:00PM: Clan Attendance
3:00PM: Bring Me
3:30PM: PW Final Exam
4:15PM: Weapon Crafting Event
4:45PM: Break
5:30PM: Clan Attendance Roll Call
6:00PM: Raffle Draw
7:00PM: Champion Awarding

1. Early Bird

*First 100 ONLY

  • Phoenix Server – Stone of Pangu
  • Chimera Server – 400m EXP + 100k Fame (not separable)


2. Door Prize

*101 ~ 300 ONLY

  • Phoenix Server – 100 Dragon Bloody Stone
  • Chimera Server – 50 Dragon Bloody Stone


3. Topup Bundle

For every Php 3,000 Level Up! load you purchase at the venue, you can use them to top up and convert it to Perfect World PH Gold to get FREE items.

*Rewards will be given on the server where you convert the load.

Phoenix Server: Choose between a FREE 400M Yuan OR 120K Fame 
Chimera Server: Choose between a FREE 200M Yuan OR 60K Fame

But wait there’s more (Phoenix Server Only)

For every 50k bundle worth of bundle you will get 20 Xia Feng Command Sword
For every 100k bundle worth of bundle you will get 50 Xia Feng Command Sword
For every 150k bundle worth of bundle you will gets 80 Xia Feng Command Sword


4. Limited Edition 10th Anniversary Jacket

Only 31pcs available and limited sizes. (no small)

Price: 2,000php
Bundle with 3k Topup Bundle Price: 1,500php




5. Raffle Bonanza

100 LU card = 1 Raffle Stub

Purchase LU cards at the Event Venue.
Top up and convert the load to PWPH Gold at the Top Up Area.
Every 100 LU card converted is worth 1 Raffle Stub.
Present to the LU staff the total converted amount to get the equivalent raffle stubs.
If the total amount of raffle entries for PW reaches a certain level, special prizes will be unlocked.
Winners must present their raffle stub to the raffle facilitator to claim the prize and fill out the winners’ information sheet.

PPAS2017 Phx Raffle

PPAS2017 Chm Raffle

Note: Phoenix Server Raffle Bonanza

R9 Ring / R9 Weapon / 300k Fame will be given in 1 character. Winner will need to go to Playpark office for it to be crafted. Fame will be a total of 300k no matter how many Fame the character have.

6. Clan Attendance


  • All Perfect World PH Clans are welcome to join.
  • Each member who signs the attendance sheet must be a certified Clan member of the Clan he/she is signing-up with.
  • Take note, allied Clans can NOT sign up/register under each other’s clan.


  • The Clan Master, Officer or representative must register their Clan at the booth/redemption.
  • Each member must sign the Clan Attendance Sheet for their attendance to be counted.
  • Bring a photocopy of Valid Government ID, Company or School ID
  • Attendance will officially start at 2:00 PM and will close at 5:00 PM.
  • Roll call at exactly 5:30 PM. Registrants that are not present will be disqualified.
  • The Clan with the most number of attendees will receive a special reward.
  • The winner will be announced at 6:00 PM.


1st Place: (per member)

  • Platinum Amulet
  • Platinum Hierogram
  • 200 pcs Songflow Ringstone
  • 40 pcs Vision Gems
  • 20 pcs Spirit Gems
  • 1B for the whole clan

2nd Place: (per member)

  • Platinum Amulet
  • 100 pcs Songflow Ringstone
  • 20 pcs Vision Gems
  • 10 Pcs Spirit Gems
  • 600m for the whole clan

3rd Place: (per member)

  • Platinum Amulet
  • 50 pcs Songflow Ringstone
  • 10 pcs Vision Gems
  • 300m for the whole clan

Also if the clan reaches a certain member count the clan will also receive the following prizes below.

50 Members

  • 5000 Songflow Ringstone
  • 1000 Stongwind Badge
  • 400 Benevolence Seal
  • 400 Relic Page of Fate
  • 400 Worn Out Mystic Page
  • 300 Lv. 8 Crimson Soul Stones
  • 300 Lv. 8 Amber Stones

40 Members

  • 4000 Songflow Ringstone
  • 800 Strong Wind Badge
  • 200 Benevolence Seal
  • 300 Relic Page of Fate
  • 300 Worn Out Mystic Page
  • 200 Lv. 8 Crimson Soul Stones
  • 200 Lv. 8 Amber Stones


ClanA = 21 members attended

ClanB = 41 members attended

ClanC = 42 members attended

ClanC 1st Place. All members listed will receive 1st place prize and the Clan “40 Members” prize will be mailed/traded to the Clanmaster.

ClanB 2nd Place. All members listed will receive 2nd place prize and the Clan “40 Members” prize will be mailed/traded to the Clanmaster.

ClanA 3rd Place. All members listed will receive 3rd place prize only.

Rules: Rewards will only be inserted to the users who are present in the event

7. Weapon Crafting Contest

Players will make a Perfect World Weapon in real life and will display it in the event. Prize will be determined if the weapon is Attack or Magical Type.

1st Place +11 HOHD for Physical Type / +11 HOTS for Magical Type
2nd Place +10 HOHD for Physical Type / +10 HOTS for Magical Type
3rd Place +9 HOHD for Physical Type / +9 HOTS for Magical Type


8. Bring Me

  • 1. There will be 10 items which the GM will post starting 3pm in PPAS Redemption Booth.
  • 2. Collect all 10 items and give it to the GM.
  • 3. The first player to bring the items will get 1 DB11. 2nd place 1 DB10. 3rd place 1 DB9
  • 4. The event will end once we get 3 players to complete the Bring Me.


9. RS Bundle (Phoenix Server Only)

For every TOTAL of 3,000 pesos (60,000 gold) load: 8 Ruler’s Sigil

If you reach a certain amount you’ll get bonus RS.

50k = 46 Ruler’s Sigil

100k = 122 Ruler’s Sigil

150k = 190 Ruler’s Sigil


10. PW Final Exam

  • 1. Only 50 players can join in this event. Bring your own ballpen.
  • 2. Players need to sign up in the booth for them to join. First come first serve.
  • 3. Test papers will be given.
  • 4. Examiners will have 30 minutes to answer the test.
  • 5. Anyone caught cheating will be disqualified
  • 6. Prizes will be given depending on the score.
    20/20: DB11
    19/20: DB10
    18/20: DB9
    17/20: DB8
    16/20: DB7
    15/20: DB6
    14/20: DB5
    13/20: DB4
    12/20: DB3
    11/20: DB2
    10/20: DB1
    1~9/20: Bagsak


In-game prizes will be given within 14 days of the event completion.

See you there!

The clash of champions at the All-Stars 2017 Finals is made possible by Skydome SM City North EDSA, FATBOYS Pizza and Pasta, NVIDIA, PLDT Home Fibr, Predator, Armaggeddon, Snaplar, Kujaku.

NOTE: Purchase of load for the bundle/raffle will NOT be eligible for use in any other Perfect World PH event

Disclaimer: Playpark reserved the right to amend or change of the event mechanism without prior notice.