Perfect World: The Lost Ancestors

Dec 7, 2020 | Notice

Two brand new classes are now available, making a total of 14 characters on PWPH’s roster!

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New Classes

The Qiang Shou is a genius fighter, using cutting edge technology such as traps and cannons to completely control the battlefield.

The Yu Feng is a winged warrior blessed by the heavens, feared by many on the battlefield for his mastery of both physical and magical combat arts.

New Dungeon

A thousand years ago, the once-powerful Dusk Empire fell in the wake of the destruction of an ancient demon released from imprisonment.  The tragedy left only one survivor of the royal bloodline: The Moonlight Princess, who has recently returned from exile to oversee the ruins of the Dusk Palace.  She now seeks out powerful warriors to aid her in fighting a new evil that threatens the last remnants of an era she once called home.

Chapter 4 – Part 1

  • LV100+ and Shifting Sky I+ characters may speak with Wu Tianzhen in Sunset Town (126,591) to receive the Journey of Adventure quest.  Complete it to get 5 Moon Ode Orders, which are required to enter Dusk Palace: Chapter 4.
  • Characters that meet the entry requirements may also use Stone of Dreamland of Dusk Palace to enter the instance directly.
  • Players may receive 1 Moon Ode Order (bound) once a day from the Streams Order Envoy at the instance entrance or Ticket Master Lu Tong in the Clan HQ.  Moon Ode Orders expire after 24 hours upon receiving them.
  • Sealed Moon Ode Orders may also be obtained from killing Dusk Wraiths.
    • Sealed Moon Ode Orders are tradable versions of Moon Ode Orders that do not expire.  They become bound upon use in inventory and will expire after 24 hours.
    • Dusk Wraiths spawn outside the instance entrance every day between 16:00 and 22:00 server time.  Larger amounts of them will spawn at 20:00 every day.  If enough are killed, a giant Wraith Golem will spawn.  Kill it to get a lot of Sealed Moon Ode Orders.

Dungeon Preview

BOSS: Dusk Emperor Tsang

BOSS: Minister Tsu

BOSS: Illusion Lord Armageddon


Chapter 4 – Part 2

  • This instance shares the same entrance ticket as Dusk Palace: Chapter 4 – Part 1. Players who have reached Reawakening II LV100 and Shifting Sky I can use the ticket Moon Ode Order to choose to either enter Part 1 or Part 2.
  • The Team leader can visit the Dusk Palace: Chapter 4 and select Part 2 to enter it.
  • Process:
  • This instance is not a single linear process. Besides the boss monsters Illusion Nemen, Princess of Moonlight, and Chungyun, players also need to choose one from the two groups of boss monsters: Yi the Earthquake and Yi the Mighty Wing, or Prince Chongming and Yen Longwind, and defeat them.
  • Different boss monsters yield different loot. Players can choose to challenge the boss monsters that yield the items they need.
  • When fighting the final boss Princess of Moonlight, there is a hidden phase that players can trigger. The result of the challenge determines the final rewards.
  • (In the current build, only Yi the Earthquake and Yi the Mighty Wing can be selected to challenge. The other group, Yen Longwind, and Prince Chongming will be added in future updates.)
  • Legendary Dusk Palace Armor Set upgrade materials, Sacred Spirit, and Moonlight Crystal can be looted from this instance.
  • Moonlight Crystal: It can be looted from the final boss Princess of Moonlight, and can be fused into a Dusk Soul with a Lunar Phase to boost the Legendary Dusk Palace Armor Set’s attributes to the max.


Legendary Dusk Palace Armor Set (Tier 17)

The next generation of armor set is now available.  This legendarily powerful equipment can be crafted directly or upgraded from Rank 8 or 9 gear.

  • There are 3 types: Heavy, Light, and Mystic.
  • Materials needed to craft a legendary armor set can be found from the new dungeon Dusk Palace: Chapter IV.  These materials will be tradable among players.


Dusk Souls

Dusk Souls are the ancient souls of warriors that once served the Dusk Empire.  Found inside Dusk Palace: Chapter 4, these new items can be infused in Legendary Dusk Palace Armor Set to alter or improve their attributes.  There are 4 new functions specific for Dusk Souls: Awaken, Purification, Extract, and Decompose.



  • The Dusk Soul must be awakened first before it can be infused into the Legendary Dusk Palace Armor Set.  This can require either Coins or Gold depending on the Soul.


  • Dusk Souls can undergo purification to change their base attributes.  This process allows the players to replace individual attributes with ones that are more suited to their liking.  The attribute amount resulting from purification will be random within a given range.



Warsoul Cache

The Warsoul Cache is a new function that players can access from the inventory.  This repository will allow players to “bank” their gear so that they may still benefit from their attributes even while equipping other gear.

  • Access the Warsoul Cache from the inventory.
  • Gear will be cataloged in the Warsoul Cache when acquired.  Removing gear from player possession will not affect the catalog.
  • Players may mix and match gear in multiple slots to reach new heights in power and customization.
  • Warsoul Repository will require Warsoul Gems to function.  Warsoul Gems can be acquired from completing the Legendary Dusk Palace Armor Set or purchased directly from the Item Mall.

Master and Apprentice

A Master and Apprentice feature will be added in this update. All players can either find a Master or recruit some Apprentices.

1.1. Requirements
a. If a player is lower than Reawakening II LV100 and Mirage Sky X, he can only be an Apprentice;
b. If a player is higher than Reawakening II LV100 and Mirage Sky X, he can choose to be an Apprentice or a Master;
c. If a player has completed the Graduation quests, he will become a Master, and can no longer be an Apprentice.
d. If a player has already recruited an Apprentice, he can no longer be an Apprentice.
e. A player can only be a Master or an Apprentice. He can not be both at the same time.

1.2. How to find Master or recruit Apprentice
a. Players can enter the Master/Apprentice menu from Social button, and use the Acknowledge a Master or Accept an Apprentice lists.

Master and Apprentice Rules
a. A Master can have three Apprentices at the same time; an Apprentice can only have one Master.
b. A Master can call his Apprentices for at most 3 times per day (the limit is shared with the Apprentice).
c. A Master can use Mentorship Stone to teach each Apprentice once, giving them Attack or Defense buffs.

1.3. Graduation
a. When an Apprentice reaches Reawakening II LV100 and Mirage Sky X, he can take the Graduation quest from Great Tutor Hou in Bamboo Village.
b. The Graduation quest must be taken by the Master and Apprentice in a party.

1.4. Termination of Relationship
a. The Master or the Apprentice can choose to terminate their relationship.
b. When the Master and Apprentice relationship is terminated, the Master will lose all his Mentorship Points with this Apprentice for this week, and the Apprentice will lose all its Mentorship Points.

1.5. Mentorship Point and Master Virtue

a. Mentorship Points must be gained by the Master and Apprentice in a party.
b. Mentorship Points can be gained via the following activities:
– Completing Cultivation Quests together; each level of Cultivation rewards 100 Mentorship Points;
– The Master teaching the Apprentice; each session rewards 20 Mentorship Points; can be done once per day;
– Completing Master and Apprentice Instances together; each completion rewards 400 Mentorship Points;
– Killing Instance boss monsters together;
c. On Monday each week, the Apprentice’s Mentorship Points will be added to the Master’s Total Mentorship Points; and the Master’s Mentorship Points will be added to his Total Master Virtue;
d. If an Apprentice’s Mentorship Points reach 800, he will be given a reward; the higher his level is, the better the reward will be.
e. When an Apprentice reaches Reawakening II LV105 and Twilight Sky I, he will no longer gain Mentorship Points.
f. The Total Mentorship Points decides the Apprentice’s Apprentice Level; the higher this level is, the better the reward will be.
g. Master Virtue is a measurement of all the efforts a player made as a Master, including the total Mentorship Points from all his Apprentices, either current or those that have graduated.
h. A Master’s weekly Master Virtue is the sum of the Mentorship Points from all three of his Apprentices.
i. A Master’s weekly Master Virtue will be converted into the Gratitude Fund at a 10:1 ratio.
j. Total Master Virtue determines a Master’s Master Level; the higher this level is, the better the reward will be.

1.6. Master Virtue Ranking and Graduate Records
a. The top 50 graduated Apprentices will be recorded in the Master’s Graduate Records.
b. Each week, the Masters with the most weekly Master Virtue will enter a local server Master Virtue Ranking, which refreshed every Monday.

1.7. Master and Apprentice Instance
a. The instance can be entered via the Master and Apprentice Menu.
b. The instance must be opened by the Master; each Master can open the instance 3 times per week.
c. When the instance is opened, the Apprentices can enter it. Each Apprentice can enter an instance twice per week.
d. Multiple Apprentices can enter the same instance at the same time.
e. The instances can only be completed by the Master and Apprentice in a party.
f. When the instance is opened, the game will randomly pick a challenge from Spring Brewing and Summer Exterminating.
In the Spring Brewing challenge: the Master and Apprentice need to read the order, collect ingredients from various NPCs, and brew the required drink.
In Summer Exterminating, the Master and Apprentice must go to the Lotus Pond to eliminate the Corrupted Inchworm. This monster is invincible, and highly mobile, making it very hard to catch. The players will need to use an Insect Annihilator, as well as Catapult and Tractor to eliminate them. They have to eliminate a certain number of Corrupted Inchworms to complete the challenge.
g. Master and Apprentice Instance – Autumn is enabled. The Master and Apprentice will go to Maple Ridge and use Power Reaper to harvest wheat. They need to avoid the Tainted Macaques while using all sorts of power-ups to speed up the harvest. The quest is completed by harvesting enough wheat.

Couple Karma and Karma Tree

Couple Karma and Karma Tree feature added for the Couple system.

2.1. Couple Karma
a. Couple Karma can be gained by a couple in a party, from the following activities:
– Daily Couple Quests
– Killing Instance Boss

b. A Couple’s weekly Karma will be added to their Total Karma at 24:00 every Sunday, and reset.
c. The Couple’s Karma will be converted into Heart Seal at a 10:1 ratio; the Heart Seal can be used at the Matchmaker Servant to trade for items.

2.2. Karma Tree
a. The Couple can nurture the Karma Tree by watering it once per day.
b. The days for which the Karma Tree is watered determines its status.
c. When a Karma Tree is watered consecutively for a year, the Couple can get a Karma Plaque, and they can leave their names forever on the Karma Tree.
d. The Karma Tree will wither and be converted back into a sapling if it is not watered for five days in a row.

2.3. Divorce

a. When a player initiates a divorce, the other player has a one-day time to confirm.
b. The other player can either choose to confirm the divorce or get divorced automatically when the day passes.
c. The initiator can choose to cancel the divorce before it is confirmed.
d. Once divorced, the Karma between the couple will be cleared, and the Karma Tree will be converted back into a sapling.


Perfect World Anecdote

The Perfect World Anecdote gameplay covers all important quests, including seven major parts: First Trial, Esteem, Classic, Regional, Peng Lai, Boundary, and Avalask. Each part features one or more stories. Except for the Esteem quest, each story the player completes rewards 1 Insight Point. The stories can help you review your past experiences, as well as point the direction for you to venture in the future.

The Perfect World Anecdote can be accessed in the Quest menu.

Insight Point Titles are added. Players can win relevant Titles by reaching the required Insight Points. They can also win fixed color dance Fashion, Boss Transformation Card, and new Footprint Appearance by completing key story quests or chapters.

Growth Guide

The Growth Guide system contains two parts: Growth Goals and Game Tutorial.

Growth Goals serve as a guide for players from entering this world to finding their way around;

These goals are grouped every 10 levels. Each group puts forward a series of goals for the players to complete.

Players can enter the Growth Goals menu by clicking the lotus icon next to their avatar to view the goals that are currently available. They can click these goals to quickly access the related features.
When there is an available reward or a new goal, there will be a prompt.

The goals that have been completed and rewards that are available will be floated to the top. The rewards include Reputation and certain tradable items. The details can be viewed in the Growth Goals menu. Completed goals with the rewards collected will be moved to the bottom of the list.

The Game Tutorial merges various tutorial and help features, accompanied with image demonstrations, items sources, NPC auto-pathing, and feature shortcuts etc.

All new and old players will be included in the new game guide system when the update goes online. For Perfect World veterans, they may find a lot of completed goals with rewards available. However, there may still be some corners of the world that they have not explored. They can choose to follow the goals to make up for what they missed.


  • New Treasure System loot table
  • Bestiary: Updated with information about Dusk Palace: Chapter 4
  • Clan HQ’s Clan Goal updates:
    • Dusk Palace: Chapter 4 and Frozen Hell are added to the Clan Honor Point system and shares the same Clan Goal with Silver Stream Palace and Uncharted Paradise.
    • Players can team up with their Faction members to complete the 10th stage in Dusk Palace: Chapter 4 and Frozen Hell for the Clan Goal. They can also team up with Clan members to explore the instances to gain daily Honor Points and Fund.
  • Players can now acquire a Homestead at level 70. They can talk to Vyn Yen, the Warrior in west  Dragon City to get their Homestead.
  • When getting divorced, the other player has 24 hours to accept or deny the divorce. If they do not respond, the divorce will proceed automatically.
  • The Unique Rewards system was replaced with the Growth Goal system. Unique Rewards quests have been moved to the Growth Goal system.
  • The Roll Call quest has been removed.
  • Windsong Valley for players under level 95 has been removed and replaced with a newer Windsong Valley dungeon. Levels 95+ and 100+ are not affected.
  • Several quest lines have been adjusted and optimized. Main quest lines now have a first perspective feature to show a more immersive mainline story.
  • Advance Chi system: The daily amount of Spectral Strike attempts is now fixed to 200 times. Holy Strike attempts are now unlimited.

Known Issues:

  • Some players may crash when trying to load the game. This may be a result of their graphics card.
  • Currently, the game does not auto-detect whether your computer is running a 32-bit or 64-bit operating system. To load your client to the 64-bit version you must adjust this manually.
  • Jone’s Blessings currently cannot be equipped by Qiang Shou and Yu Feng.
  • The Yu Feng’s Combat emote does not function.
  • The Yu Feng’s Fall Down emote does not function correctly and can have strange consequences when used before or after other emotes.

Game Engine Update

  • We have updated our engine by adding new texture and other next-gen visual effects.
  • When the game is updated, the option “Detailed Model” will be added and enabled by default; players can also disable it in the Settings.
  • When the Detailed Model option is enabled, the game will use new next-gen art resources for certain character models, gear, hairstyle, and other visual elements, presenting richer and more realistic visual details.
  • Due to the great technological leap, the existing gear and fashion can only be displayed on old display mode; when the Detailed Model option is enabled, they will not be displayed. In the new build, the characters, certain gear, and fashion pieces for the two new classes will be displayed in Detailed Model mode.
  • We will continue to add the support for more characters and various visual elements, trying to give our players an enhanced experience in regards to visuals, animation, and game controls.
  • Perfect World PH will support the 64-bit client. The memory limit of the 32-bit operating system has an impact on the game’s presentation and stability, so the 64-bit system has become the industry standard and the primary choice for most users. 64-bit programs will not be able to run in a 32-bit system, while both 64-bit and 32-bit programs can run in a 64-bit system.
  • With this update, the game client will detect the user’s system and automatically choose to run in 32-bit or 64-bit mode respectively. If you are using a 64-bit operating system but still want to run the 32-bit game client, you can also configure it manually to do so.
  • If you experience issues when logging into the game in 64-bit mode, you can try to update your DirectX.