Phoenix Council Wars 2024



Dynasty Wars:

Makati – April 07, 2024

Cebu City – April 21, 2024

Baguio City – May 25, 2024

Zamboanga City – June 22, 2024

Jade Warlord – June 18-21, 2024

Topaz Warlord –  May 3,10,17,24

Topaz / Jade Warlord Elimination – July 20, 2024

Elimination [Top 8] – Aug 3, 2024

Championship – August

Tournament Format:  Single Elimination

Team Size: 5v5

Map/Mode Rotation: Test Server – Sky/Cloud Arena Dragon City



  1. Registration Start Date: March 26, 2024
  2. Registration End Date: April 14, 2024
  3. Entry Fee [DWARS]: 500 per Team
  4. Prerequisites for Participation: No Class repeat.


All Clan Master/ Team who wish to participate must email for verification.

The clan master/coach should only use one email address for the entire duration of the Phoenix Council Wars 2024, and must follow the given format below:

Subject Title: PW [Qualifier] Registration [CLAN NAME]
*Qualifier: Territorial Warlord,Jade Warlord,Topaz Warlord
[DWARS Registration is separated]


Example:  PW Qualifier Registration [Immortals]

Team Name:

Coach Info
Character Name:
Contact Information (mobile and email):

HD Team Logo (at least 720×720 pixels)


5 Team Member Info

Member1-4 Name:
Member1-4 IGN:
Member1-4 Class to be used:
Member1-4 Contact No.:



Per Region Champion

  • 1 – Origin for the team
  • 1 – Ascension Crown per member
  • 1 – Moonlight Crystal (Tradable) per member
  • 1 – Sovereign Secret Chapter (Non-trade) per member
  • 10 Ringstar Weave Ruin (Tradable) per member 
  • 10 Arcstar Dust Divine (Tradable) per member
  • 2 Arcsstar Dust Radiance (Non-trade) per member


2nd Place:

    • 1 – Eight-Trigram Mystical Crest (Tradable) per member
    • 10 Ringstar Weave Ruin (Tradable)for the team
    • 10 Arcstar Dust Divine (Tradable) for the team
    • 8 Arcsstar Dust Light  (Non-trade) per member


3rd Place:

    • Seven-Heaven Mystical Crest (Non-trade) per member
    • 5 Ringstar Weave Ruin (Tradable)for the team
    • 5 Arcstar Dust Divine (Tradable)
    • 4 Arcsstar Dust Light  (Non-trade) per member



    • Per member Reward:
      1. Nebula Dust Orb (Bounded) x 1000
      2. Astrobana Pearl Ultimate (Bounded) x 100
      3. Warsong Commanders Badgex2
      4. Seal of the Board x2
      5. Glyph LV8 Not upgradable x1

Makati – 1 Twilight Bracers Chrono Pack, 1000 Twilight Repair Powder

Cebu – 1 Twilight Pants Chrono Pack,  1000 Twilight Repair Powder

Zamboanga – 1 Twilight Boots Chrono Pack,  1000 Twilight Repair Powder

Baguio- 1 Twilight Armor Chrono Pack,  1000 Twilight Repair Powder


Topaz Warlord:


500 Ruler’s Sigil
2x Entropy Ring Tradable Materials
12 Burning Red- Dragon Ball
12 Prisimatic Dragon Ball
Blue Sea Mystical Crest (Tradable)
5000 Nebula Dust Orb
5000 Astrobana Pearl Ultimate
10000 Spirit Chisel
2 Transcendence Orb
10 War Avatar Chest :S Tradable


250 Ruler’s Sigil
Entropy Tradable Materials
6 Burning Red- Dragon Ball
6 Prisimatic Dragon Ball
Sovereign Secret Chapter
3000 Nebula Dust Orb
3000 Astrobana Pearl Ultimate
5000 Spirit Chisel
Transcendence Orb
5 War Avatar Chest :S Tradable

Jade Warlord


140 Dustfall Ultimate Artifact
2x Revered Manteau Tradable materials
12 Burning Red- Dragon Ball
12 Prisimatic Dragon Ball
Blue Sea Mystical Crest (Tradable)
5000 Nebula Dust Orb
5000 Astrobana Pearl Ultimate
10000 Spirit Chisel
2 Transcendence Orb
10 War Avatar Chest :S Tradable


70 Dustfall Ultimate Artifact
Revered Manteau Tradable materials
6 Burning Red- Dragon Ball
6 Prisimatic Dragon Ball
Sovereign Secret Chapter
3000 Nebula Dust Orb
3000 Astrobana Pearl Ultimate
5000 Spirit Chisel
Transcendence Orb
5 War Avatar Chest :S Tradable

Final 4

1 Jaden Crystal
5 Moonlight Crystal Tradable
10 Soul Nail Disk Tradable
10 Soul Cleanse Lotion Tradable
Celestial golden Wings 2022 per member

PCW Runner-up

1 Prisimatic Mystical Crest (Bounded)
50 Empyreal Tempered Dragon Scale
2 Jaden Crystal
1 Moonstone of Punishment
25 Ringstar Weave: Cloud per member
Glyph Pack Lv9 per member
2 Arcstar Dust: Radiance per member

PCW Champion

Burning Red Mystical Crest Tradable
100 Empyreal Tempered Dragon Scale
1 Jaden Crystal per member
1 Moonstone of Punishment per member
1 Nuema Portal Chest per member
Glyph Pack Lv10 per member
60 Ringstar Weave: Cloud per member
5 Arcstar Dust: Radiance per member
Bright Galaxy Fashion Pack 2022
Lan xin’s Dream Mount


Rules and Regulations:

A maximum of 8 teams will compete in each leg.

Registration will be conducted on a first-come-first-served basis.

Once the registration is accepted and confirmed, the team lineup submitted must remain unchanged for the duration of the tournament; no alterations will be permitted.

Confirmed teams that fail to attend their match, resulting in a forfeiture, will automatically face disqualification from PCW 2024. Additionally, teams with incomplete lineups or those declared forfeited will not receive a participant’s package.

Registered accounts must contain 1 character of at least Rebirth2 level 100.           

Warlords Champions are no longer eligible to participate in any other leg and activity of the Phoenix Council Wars (Topaz Warlord, Jade Warlord and Territorial Warlords). Furthermore, a character can only be registered in qualifiers once.

Players will be using their own character for the tournament.

The team may select from the thirteen available classes – Wu Xia, Fa Shih, Yao Shou, Yao Jing, Yu Mang, Yu Ling, Xi Shou, Wu Shih, Jian Ling,Hun Ling, Ye Ying, Yu Feng, Yao Hou to fill out their roster of five (5) members.

Job class selections CANNOT be repeated. You may have up to one (1) team member representing any given Job class.

Non-combat pets, flight devices and mounts will not be allowed.

For each tournament venue, a player cannot change his/her chosen character job.
For example, at a Cebu tournament, a player has chosen the Yu Mang character. This player must use a Yu Mang character throughout the tournaments in that Cebu event.

Players can use Skill Macros.

Amulets, Hierograms, Potions and Pills will all be made available to the players.


Players will use their own accounts but will be provided with the “Light Empress’ Blessing” to upgrade or reduce their current equipment.

The GM will grant the Light Empress’ Blessing upon players entering the Arena.

Players are responsible for managing their supplies until the end of the day’s tournament.

Participants are not allowed to buff until the designated buff-up time is declared inside the arena. If buffs originate from a character not on your team, a foul will be incurred for each character with an illegal buff. The match will also be restarted if illegal buffs are discovered before the match starts or the gates open.

Ground Rules:

Note: Do not forget to activate PVP mode (Turn off safe mode) and uncheck the relevant “PVP only” boxes. You can also change the “Buff Only” settings to suit your play style.

Players will be traded an entrance ticket prior to their match. If a character cannot receive the entrance ticket via trade, that character will not be allowed to enter the arena. Team Coach is responsible for the distribution of team members’ tickets.

Players will enter their side of the arena by speaking with the Wolf Cub NPC.

Once all players have entered the arena, the GM will activate the buff timer. Players will have 120 seconds to buff up.

After the 120 second buff period, the barriers will go down, and the match will begin.

Once the match begins, both teams will have 300 seconds (5 minutes) to eliminate the opposing team. If both teams still have surviving members after 300 seconds (5 minutes), the “Time Over” signal will be given.

Resurrection skills and Revival Scrolls are strictly prohibited within the arena. A team incurs one foul for each discovered Revival Scroll on a team member upon entering the Arena. If this violation is promptly identified after the team of the offending character secures a round victory, the results of that specific round will be nullified.

Once the Time Over signal is given, players must immediately take their hands off the mouse and keyboard, except to perform the actions in the next item.

Players who have an opponent targeted when the Time Over signal is given must cancel their action and move away from any opponents before taking their hands off the mouse and keyboard (Press the Esc button three times). A player has 5 seconds to comply with this rule. Failure to comply will result in one (1) foul assigned per offending team member.

Scoring System:

A point is scored if a team wipes out the opposing team within the time limit.

A point is scored if a team has more surviving members after the time is up.

The first team to receive 2 points wins, and advances to the next round.


If both teams have the same number of surviving members after time is up, the match will end in a tie.

In the case of a tie, both teams will receive 1 point, with the following exception:

If a tie will result in both teams receiving 2 points, both teams will instead fight a Sudden Death match.

Sudden Death Match:

The Sudden Death match duration is 120 seconds (2 minutes).

The first team to kill a member of the opposing team wins the Sudden Death match and will receive 1 point.

If neither team manages to kill a member of the opposing team within 120 seconds (2 minutes), the result of the match will be decided with a coin toss.



Zoning Foul – This is defined as moving your character in an unauthorized area or refusing to follow move orders issued by the GM in-game.

Skill Foul – This is defined as using skills in the tournament area before the countdown by the head marshal or using prohibited skills.

Striking Foul – This is defined as striking any of the GMs in-game.

Technical Foul – This is defined as engaging in any behavior that is unsportsmanlike and includes excessive profanity or violence against property or individuals including the marshals.


If two (2) or more members of a team fail to arrive at the scheduled match, the present complete team will be declared as the automatic winner.

Intentional disconnection through methods such as ALT F4 or manual disconnection will result in the forfeiture of the match.

Players are expected to conduct themselves in a manner that is both respectful and sportsmanlike at all times.

Teams or members displaying unruly conduct will face disqualification, thereby awarding the match to the opposing team.

Players are not allowed to abandon their terminals without the marshal’s approval. Teams with at least one (1) member who abandoned their terminal without the marshal’s approval will be disqualified and are not eligible to claim any prizes from the tournament.

Employees, suppliers, and service providers of PlayPark Inc. and their relatives up to the second degree of consanguinity are disqualified from joining any stage, including the finals, of PlayPark All-Stars and any of its sub-tournaments. This also includes the use of characters they own and accounts they maintain.

PlayPark reserves the right to withhold and not distribute any prizes to teams that have been disqualified.

The decision of the Referees, Game Masters, and tournament officials is FINAL.


  1. Discord/Communication Platform:
  2. Support Contact:
    • GM Venus