Player of the week 11

Player Name: Jimson Madrona
Character Name: Cinnamon~
Server: Phoenix
Class: Hun Ling
Clan: Amicorum
Month/Year started playing: 2008

Other Questions:

When did you start playing Perfect World?
I was in my elementary days when I started playing Perfect World. These were the days when I learned to save my daily allowance just to rent a computer (yeah, probably one of the common problems of a poor kid like me). You know, I was just a kid who was so eager and willing to do almost everything just to play Perfect World.

Why do you love Perfect World?
Perfect World is not merely a game for me. I think it is a special place that brings different sets of people in one place together. To be honest, I was a low-profile player before and I tend to stalk other PW players on Facebook (please don’t get me wrong! hahaha.) Surprisingly, most of them are my close friends now. To cut the story short, I admired how Perfect World helps me to build friendships with unexpected people in an unexpected way.

Where do you usually hang out in-world?
Spirit’s Reflection! I often go AFK to watch KDramas when I finished my dailies. Sometimes, I do most of my chitchats and duels with my friends inside introspection. Also, I can’t stop falling in love with my cute little friends there. Hi to Phoenixfeather Stag, Phoenixfeather Doe, Redplume Flamingo and Pink Rabbit. Thank you for always being by my side when I needed to test my skill damage. Lol!

What are the features that you like best in the game?
We can’t deny that almost everyone loves the fashionable clothes of Perfect World. I am one of those blind believers who faithfully believe that the true strength is in the clothes I wear. I don’t care if my character is always prone to “1-hit” as long as I look beautiful while lying lifeless on the ground. I think I perfectly embody the movie “Die Beautiful”, lol! At the end of the day, we have different ways on how we can enjoy the game and collecting fashionable clothes is what I enjoyed the most.

Your favorite location in the Map or favorite Monster?
Arcadi… no! I know the majority of PW players love the cherry blossoms of Arcadia Town but I find the eeriness and eccentricity of Soulless Swamp more attractive. Am I the only one who appreciates the beauty of the creepy monsters lurking around Soulless Swamp? They look so lovely to me though. Hahaha.

Your dream achievement?
Never in my wildest dreams did I desire to be the overall toughest player or the strongest player in my chosen class. Honestly, my dream achievement is to be the greatest friend to someone or to anyone. I believe that the ultimate goal of the game is to build friendship and create precious memories with friends.

Your accomplishments?
It may not be much by any pro’s standards but representing Team Barbie on the recently held Quezon City DWARS is one achievement I am really proud of. We barely managed to survive the entire tournament seeing as it is our first time playing together in a live competition without even having a single practice. Being named a Finalist is a big achievement for us because we didn’t expect anything from the start. We may not have won against the defending champion but the experience we had as a team was one accomplishment no award could ever equal.

Who are the players or characters that you idolize in-world in your server?
I really admire Ate Mae (Bluehaze) and Senyor (-=CDKS=-) for being so good to me when I was still a “nobody”. Also, to my beloved sisters in PW, Ate Gelo (TinKerBeL) and Ate LF (LadyFranz) because I usually spend some “landi“ moments with them and we’ve shared a lot of secrets and chikas. And to these amazing people whom I’ve shared great bonding moments with: Mamu Jelly, Mami Chix, Kuya Raf, Kuya JB, Kuya Mic, Ate Juuuy, James, Kuya Jed, Kuya Jim, Tita Z (Tita Z’s Sinigang na Baboy is one the best ever!) and so many more. You are all my idol and thank you for giving colors to my PW experience!

What is your most memorable in-world moment?
I have tons of wonderful memories in Perfect World. But the one I cherish the most is the moment when I finally had a legitimate conversation with someone who is so special to me. I remembered that I saved a lot of screenshots that time. (Hey! I’m looking forward to our next conversation though it is a little bit awkward for us and too difficult with the situation we have now.)

Most embarrassing in-world moment?
Out of nowhere, a “dummy character” accused me of being a poser on world chat and I was so shocked at that time. I don’t even have the slightest idea how he/she managed to jump to that conclusion. I just shrugged it off and I want to use this opportunity to prove my identity. Hopefully, he/she will be able to read my entry.

What made you choose your class?
Jack-of-all-trades, master of none. Indeed, Hun Ling is a very versatile class. We can support our allies and deal damage to our enemies at the same time. Complexity is what I really like most in being a Hun Ling and the fact that we can do so many roles made me love my class even more.

Who’s your Perfect World crush?
This is the same person I’ve shared my “most memorable in-world moment” with. Let me call him “Buboy” to protect his privacy (please, don’t tag him). I still remember the heart-racing day when I first met you. It was PCW 2016 and I was impatiently waiting in line for the “Early Bird” event when I suddenly saw you. You are a little bit haggard that time but your eyes and smile are so perfect that I even wanted to give up my spot just to come closer and say “Hi!” to you. Sounds creepy, right? I found out that we belong to the same clan. Looks like fate is helping me, doesn’t it? I have so many regrets that day, up until now. I shouldn’t have let anyone know my feelings for you. I shouldn’t have let myself fall. We might have been good friends if I didn’t follow my foolish heart that time. Sadly, everything is awkward for us now and we ended up avoiding each other.

Any message to the Heroes of the Perfect World?
Hey! Heroes of Pan’Gu! Just enjoy and don’t ever stop loving this game! We still have so many quests to conquer, adventures to explore and friendships to build. So fly with me, stay with me, here in Perfect World!

P.S: Special thanks to Madam rajah for giving me courage and pushing me so hard to send my almost-two-month-old entry. Hope you enjoyed reading this. <3