Player of the week 17

Player Name: Khevin Q. Marcelo
Character Name: ‘Khallen
Server: Chimera
Class: Immortal Yao Jing
Clan: Ascension
Month/Year started playing: In Chimera 2017… In Tiger 2007… Oh well too many years of hiatus

When did you start playing Perfect World?
2007. After I quit from my previous MMORPG.
This is the era when you need to grind hard just to level, when you need to pull 1 by 1 the creeps on dungeons for dark signs.
This is the era wherein 3 star purple items were luxury.

Why do you love Perfect World?
I love perfect world so much that even if I go on hiatus; I still keep coming back playing the game that I love. This is the only game that I played for so long. Maximum effort!!
Kudos! More decades to come.

Where do you usually hang out in-world?
Dragon City West – Looking for duels, chatting with friends, looking for misvend items.

What are the features that you like best in the game?
The plan-your-own-build feature. It makes me think deeper on how to build my character.

Your favorite location in the Map or favorite Monster?
Beast City. Yao Jing at heart. Sky Pirate Drake – parang ung mahal ko ang hirap hanapin tapos minsan andyan n sya sa harap mo pero d mo pa rin makamit.

Your dream achievement?
To be the #1 True Yao Jing in Chimera (oh well dalawa lang naman kami so far)

Your accomplishments?
Being the 1st Immortal Yao Jing in Chimera. Some people say true Yao Jings are weak but I’ll prove to them that I can be strong like them.

Who are the players or characters that you idolize in-world in your server?
It would be benj from Exodus Clan in Chimera. He has a big heart in helping newbie. Especially when I was still on the process of coming back to PW.

What is your most memorable in-world moment?
Maybe years ago, when I became a part of Aether… Haha saya lang nun…

Most embarassing in-world moment?
Yung pinatay ako ni ~David~ nalaglag yung set ko haha. Binalik naman nya kaso patagalan…

What made you choose your class?
Very versatile. Deadly. Stand-alone. Wannabe solo true YJ in chimera kaso meron n din iilan haha…

Who’s your Perfect World crush?
Ayoko na kasi walang perfect world sa pag-ibig haha BITTER! Nasa kabilang server hahaha I met my crush sa isang recent event.

Any message to the Heroes of the Perfect World?
Keep playing, recruiting and spreading love.
Perfect World brings us together as friends, as families, as colleagues.
Sa Perfect World sana may forever!