Player of the week 12
Player Name: Jasper Anthony A. Cuevas
Character Name: OkLahat
Server: Phoenix
Class: Xi Shou
Clan: Amicorum
Month/Year started playing: 2014

When did you start playing Perfect World?

I started playing perfect world since open beta but after a year I quit. The game was still premature back then. And leveling was hard. My first class was Yu Ling, then Wu Xia then Yu Mang.

Why do you love Perfect World?
Well, what can I say? I just fell in love with it. I keep coming back playing this game.

Where do you usually hang out in-world?
Vale city. I usually go to this city mainly because bank bounty hunter and penglai npc is near.

What are the features that you like best in the game?
Fashion. They say fashion is strength!

Your favorite location in the Map or favorite Monster?
My favorite monster is known as “the frog”. Because I can tank it even though my class was basically not made to tank it. I like it when I can do other things other than killing.

Your dream achievement?
Max set. To prove that Xi Shuo is not just for hunting and hiding. I believe that Xi Shuo can tank too and hard to kill.

Your accomplishments?
Strongest heaven female XS! (Though I want to change it to male.)

Who are the players or characters that you idolize in-world in your server?.
~dheso~. He was my clanmate before merging of servers. And he was the deadliest XS before. Flat 5 heaven. Clap clap for his set!

What is your most memorable in-world moment?
When I crafted R9 ring. It’s really an overwhelming feeling,

Most embarassing in-world moment?
In my first clan I was still new to the game. I gave a random player my new wings cof and pds promising that he’ll dupe it. Well, ignorance is a crime!

What made you choose your class?
When I was still asking about the game, I ask a friend of mine if there was an assassin class. basically, I want to be an assassin. Always in the game.

Who’s your Perfect World crush?
Ivris. Not my crush. But my buddy in game.

Any message to the Heroes of the Perfect World?
You would always want to challenge the strong even if you’re outclassed. Keep finding ways. A lot of friends to help you and a lot of enemies to beat! Hope this game will love the players as the players love the game!