Player of the week 14

Player Name: Kaiservon Robles
Character Name: SiuLeT
Server: Phoenix
Class: Yao Jing
Clan: Amicorum
Month/Year started playing: 2007

Other Questions:
When did you start playing Perfect World?
I started playing in 2007. I remember the struggle of playing in the computer shop for your quest completion. Hunting materials to upgrade your equipments. (nostalgia)

Why do you love Perfect World?
Perfect world is not only a game, it will make you a better person eventually. You’ll face the agony of defeat but you’ll learn to stand up again. You can be an efficient leader too, a companion whom they can rely on. Not just in game but also in real life.

Where do you usually hang out in-world?
Dc west bank chatting with random strangers checking vendors especially on fashion items…(buying red dyes LOL)

What are the features that you like best in the game?
Territorial War, Nation War, Martial Arts Tournament… full of thrill and excitement!

Your favorite location in the Map or favorite Monster?
Peach Tree Goddess…damn sexy

Your dream achievement?
Of course I want my character to be upgraded. R9rr though its quite impossible. To become a PCW Champion too!( in my freakin dreams)

Your accomplishments?
Joining PCW. Shoutout to Team Goku best team ever.

Who are the players or characters that you idolize in-world in your server?
Biatch is my idol way back in 2007. And then theres RaF ( he’s quite a bully), TinkerbeL ( i hate to admit it but he’s really good @YL), Vitaliya ( he’s the most powerful Ws but kinda annoying sometimes) and many to mention like Egypt, Jelly, Zayka, Xanny, Vashni, Tidebone, Cybit, Cinnamon, Ladyfranz, Hoahmaru, Dizzel, Nal22, Ychlei, Agility, Anne, Yodaime, Gerzon, Ivris, algonquin.

What is your most memorable in-world moment?
When I first caught the small bear wondering in some town. Rare pets are hard to find way back to those days. A competition for every YJ, like everyone was patiently waiting and the hype is real!

Most embarassing in-world moment?
Nag type ako sa clan chat ng “vince nasaan na yung title ko?” Without realizing na hindi ko pala na type yung letter l (keyboard problems) may nag screenshot pa talaga then sinend sa chatroom sa fb like wtf! Then may nag caption pa “ang nawawalang ari”, “ibalik mo na vince”

What made you choose your class?
Eversince I love being a summoner, the flexibility of YJ from an offensive type to defensive mode is quite an interesting choice.

Who’s your Perfect World crush?
Dhez (ym), good thing she’s not active anymore

Any message to the Heroes of the Perfect World?
What makes Perfect World powerful is the fact that you can immerse yourself in this created world and in the character you play. You can choose to be the hero of your own story or take a dip into what it’s like being a villain.