The world has gotten even bigger and much better as we know it! New landscapes to unravel, new esteem levels to reach, a new dungeon to raid, and more.

New Features

  • New Zone: The Avalask! Explore an all-new zone with hundreds of new quests! Visit the city of Neverfall, and discover what darkness lurks beneath the ancient lands of the Light Empire! Level 100 players at Mirage Sky I can start the quests to enter the Avalask in the Universal City.
  • New Esteem Levels: Havoc and Divine! Beyond the paths of Immortal and Demon lies a new way, combining the strengths of each into a single, powerful path of Esteem! Players who have completed the Atlas of Time questline in the Avalask will receive a quest to speak to either Ghost Warden or the Cunning Immortal to begin their new path.
  • New Dungeon: Dawnlight Temple! Delve into the dark sanctum of the Future of Mankind Initiative and put a stop to their unnatural experimentations! Includes more difficult Judgment and Deicide Modes. Requires Havoc Esteem and Twilight Sky I to enter.
  • New Feature: Skill Glyph Function. Glyph can be used to upgrade your skills with additional effects based on the glyph used, which can range from increased damage to converting healing spells into direct damage! There are five glyph types: Golden, Verdant, Ethereal, Sanguine, and Argent. The first Glyph Slot can be unlocked in the Celestial Vale, while the rest can be unlocked in the Avalask. Two require Havoc, and three require Divine.
  • New Feature: Chronicles! Read the entire history of Perfect World and its major denizens and factions. Unlocked upon completing the Atlas of Time questline in the Avalask.
  • Treasure System – is a system that is similar to opening lottery box. It has its own unique interface accessible by clicking the key icon around the minimap to the top-right of the screen. It also has a unique loot table that rotates regularly and allows more control over what items the player can possibly win.Using the Treasure System requires the use of Lucky Keys. The player can get these by purchasing Fortune Keys from the Item Mall and then exchanging them for Lucky Keys at Trade Deputy Wang Cai, located next to the Bank Owner in major cities. It is recommended to purchase Fortune Keys while they are on sale, as they go on sale frequently.
  • VIP System – Players can charge gold to gain Star Levels, which will unlock benefits such as special features and exclusive items. The Star Rewards system can be viewed by opening the Boutique with the O key or by clicking the Gold Icon.png icon on the navigational map to the top-right corner of the window. To the bottom-left of the window will be a progress bar. Clicking on the Star button will open up the Star Rewards interface.
  • New Boundary: Twilight Sky! Continue to improve your Boundary level and rank up your passive skills as you progress through an all-new quest chain in the Primal World. Players who have reached Shifting Sky X can talk to Twilight Sky Envoy Irien in Kirin Town to progress.
  • New Feature: Homestead Minions! Raise minions in your Homestead to operate your workshops while you are away, and battle other players’ minions in the Colosseum to earn Star Chart items, War Avatar cards, and more!
  • New Feature: Uncharted Paradise, Deicide Mode! An even more difficult challenge awaits you, but those who succeed will reap even greater rewards!


  • Players who have engaged in PvP combat within the last 5 minutes can no longer enter Homesteads.


  • The cost to unbind Dustfall materials has been lowered.
  • Using World Chat in rapid succession will incrementally increase the number of Loudspeakers needed for each message, up to a maximum of 32. The cost will reset back to 1 after 1 minute.
  • New items have been added to the Auction Hall.

World Environment

  • Fixed some spots where players could get stuck in the terrain.


  • The Titles UI has been completely redesigned, and now shows all titles in the game and where to get them.
  • A customization option has been added to hide genies and Esteem sprites.
  • The cap on Yuan has been increased to 1,000,000,000. The Perfect Trade Official now has quests to trade for 50 and 100 Perfect Voucher.
  • Skill UI has been fixed.
    Clan Logo/Default Logo has been fixed.


  • Each class has ten skills that can be upgraded; 5 at Havoc, and 5 at Divine. Glyphs can only be attached to upgraded skills.
  • Each upgrade skill has one of three glyph bonuses – Martial Prowess, Tiger’s Rage, or Dragon’s Fury. Upon attaching glyphs to six different skills, you will get bonus damage against other players based on whichever bonus is most common among your glyphed skills. Town Portal has no glyph type.
  • Low-level Glyphs can be combined into higher-level glyphs, which improve the skills’ bonuses and grant you additional stats.

Players can access their Glyphs by pressing the R key in-game and bringing up the skills window. On the right, there are two tabs, one of which opens the Glyph menu. On the left of the Glyph menu, players can see the list of skills that can use Glyphs. Hovering over the Glyph Effect gems will display the full skill description of each Glyph effect. On the right, players can see the Glyph Slots. Once unlocked, players can drag and drop their desired Glyphs and skills into the slots. Beneath the Glyph slots, there is a Glyph Bag where players can store their Glyphs.

A player can equip up to three Glyphs at any given time if they have completed their Havoc Esteem and up to six Glyphs if they have completed their Divine Esteem. Skills and Glyphs can be changed any time so long as the player is not in combat mode.

New players can unlock their very first Glyph slot in the Celestial Vale and are able to use Glyphs on their Town Portal skill. Veteran players can unlock their first Glyph slot in the Western Steppes by completing the quest given by the Glyph Master of Mercy, an NPC located outside the City Hall of Neverfall.

Subsequent Glyph slots can be unlocked by doing quests received from the rest of the Glyph Master NPCs, located outside the City Hall of Neverfall. The list of the NPCs is the following:

Glyph Master of Honor for the second Glyph slot quest
Glyph Master of Courage for the third Glyph slot quest
Glyph Master of Modesty for the fourth Glyph slot quest
Glyph Master of Loyalty for the fifth Glyph slot quest
Glyph Master of Sincerity for the sixth Glyph slot quest

Once a quest has been completed, the player with receive an item which they have to right-click and the Glyph slot will be unlocked. Players can also buy Glyph slot items from the NPCs by paying 10,000,000 Yuan, but it is recommended to do the quests so the slots can be unlocked for free.

Yu Mang

The following skills can be upgraded:
Ex Binding Arrow
Ex Impact Arrow
Ex Soaring Eagle
Ex Strafe Left
Ex Strafe Right
Ex Running Fire
Ex Failing Thunder
Ex Wailing Sky
Ex Thunderclap
Ex Blood Arrow
Xi Shou

The Dark Wisdom King’s Chant now properly states that its chance to resist debuffs is 50%, rather than 66%.
The following skills can be upgraded:
Ex Elimination
Ex Disruption
Ex Leglock
Ex Focused Strikes
Ex Shadowstep
Ex Life Hunter
Ex Forst Thorn
Ex Deadshot
Ex Cursed Jail
Ex Adrenaline Rush
Yao Shou

The following skills can be upgraded:
Ex Bestial Hammer
Ex Grounding Roar
Ex Bestial Fury
Ex Raging Bite
Ex Tiger’s Maw
Ex Thousand Ton Hammer
Ex Armageddon
Ex Cornered Beast
Ex Taunting Swipe
Ex Veil of Shadow
Wu Xia

The following skills can be upgraded:
Ex Ferocious Leap
Ex Cleave the Mountain
Ex Army Crusher
Ex Sudden Dragon
Ex River Avalanche
Ex Aura of Malice
Ex Cloud Dragon Soars
Ex Wrath of Heaven
Ex Ten Thousand Blades
Ex Freezing Edge
Yu Ling

The following skills can be upgraded:
Ex Prayer of Calm
Ex Morning Glory
Ex Dispel
Ex Ward of 5 Colors
Ex Ward of 5 Sounds
Ex Enlightenment
Ex Endless Sea
Ex Dance of Indigo Twilight
Ex Barrier of Feathers
Ex Tornado
Ye Ying

The following skills can be upgraded:
Ex Galemark
Ex Everlasting Ode
Ex Winged Dragon
Ex Strigimorphic Dive
Ex Eternity
Ex Constellation Arc
Ex Grief
Ex Relentless Drift
Ex Distant Cloud
Ex Slash of Pride
Hun Ling

The following skills can be upgraded:
Ex Ivy Ring
Ex Spirit Strike
Ex Azure Mist
Ex Winds of the Wild
Ex Shining Spring
Ex Storm Dance
Ex Lifegiving Mist
Ex Nature’s Barrier
Ex Nature’s Wrath
Ex Vital Bloom
Wu Shih

The following skills can be upgraded:
Ex Wrath of the Earth Mother
Ex Blinding Sediment Curse
Ex Condensation
Ex Rising Depths
Ex Crystalline Beam
Ex Sand Explosion
Ex Rock Blaster
Ex Shattering Earth Chant
Ex Frost Impact
Ex Spirit Furious Retribution
Jian Ling

The Rockbreaking Blow tooltip now lists the effects of Sundering Mark and Cleaving Mark.
The following skills can be upgraded:
Ex Rockbreaking Blow
Ex Glowing Blade Strike
Ex Omnipresent Blow
Ex Whirlwind Strike
Ex Scything Strike
Ex Windcutting Strike
Ex Rebuking Blow
Ex Crushing Blow
Ex Storm Seeker
Ex Blade Dance
Yu Xia

The Immortal and Demon versions of Deafening Thunder now correctly state that Attack Rate is reduced by 20%, rather than 120%. The following skills can be upgraded:
Ex Sonic Boom
Ex Cloudburst
Ex Thunderstrike
Ex Downburst
Ex Ice Bullet
Ex Deafening Thunder
Ex Lunar Surge
Ex Frigid Thunder
Ex Moonblade
Ex Supercell
Yao Jing

The following skills can be upgraded:
Ex Stinging Swarm
Ex Redstone Swarm
Ex Injure
Ex Ravage
Ex Weaken
Ex Primal Swarm
Ex Spawn of the Earth
Ex Plague of Locusts
Ex Banish
Ex Foxfire
Fa Shih

Corrected several instances of “Ice Dragon Strike” to “Wrath of the Water Dragon”.
The following skills can be upgraded:
Ex Brand of Fire
Ex Surging Spring
Ex Stone Rain
Ex Wings of the Phoenix
Ex Stone Rain
Ex Hailstorm
Ex Frozen Flame
Ex Sea of Flame
Ex Ice Dragon Strike
Ex Weight of the Mountain


Skills with particularly long tooltips (such as Rockbreaking Blow, Moonblade, and Supercell) will not display their tooltips in the Skills pane. The tooltips will be properly displayed if placed in your Hotkeys.