07-24-15 [PW] PPFest & PPAS

Early Bird

  • The first 100 Perfect World players to attend the event will get an Early Bird reward.
  • Early Bird rewards will be 100,000 FAME.

Door Prize

  • All Perfect World players to attend the event will get a Door Prize reward.
  • Door Prize rewards will be 10 pieces of any of the following Level 8 soul Stones:
    • Amber
    • Crimson
    • Mist
    • Ivy
    • Keen

Raffle Bonanza

  • 100 LU card = 1 Raffle Stub
  • Purchase LU cards at the Event Venue.
  • Top up and convert the load to PWPH Gold at the Top Up Area.
  • Every 100 LU card converted is worth 1 Raffle Stub.
  • Present to the LU staff the total converted amount to get the equivalent raffle stubs.
  • If the total amount of raffle entries for PW reach a certain level, special prizes will be unlocked.
  • Winners must present their raffle stub to the raffle facilitator to claim the prize and fill out the winners’ information sheet.
  • Raffle prizes will be as follows:

PW Raffle Rewards

*Highlighted items are locked.*

Bundle Rewards

  • For every Php 3,000 Level Up! load you purchase at the venue, you can use them to top up and convert it to Perfect World PH Gold to get FREE items.

  • Rewards : Choose between a FREE 300M Yuan OR 100K Fame

  • Prizes in the form of voucher codes received from the event must be redeemed within one (1) week from the date of the event.

  • All prizes from the voucher codes – once successfully redeemed within the redemption period – will be for manual insertion.

NOTE: Purchase of load for the bundle will NOT be eligible for use in any other Perfect World PH event