PPXP2020: Caroling Collab

Nov 25, 2020 | Events, News, PPXP2020


Handa… AWIT! Invite your clan members for a Caroling Collab!

  1. Create a video of a Christmas Carol including your Clan Members In Real Life.
    (A clan can only submit one entry)
  2. Include a short Christmas Greeting at the introduction of your clan. (Don’t forget to mention your Clan name)
    Sample: “Merry Christmas Heroes! Handa na ba kayo sa Pamasokong saya na handog ng Immortals Clan”
  3. Minimum Video duration 2min, max 5min
  4. Minimum of 15 clan members per video (A person can only join one Clan Video).
  5. Send your video to pwsociety@playpark.net
  6. Include the details of your Clan and Members who joined the Caroling Collab.
    Clan Name:
    Clan Server:
    Clan Member1 IGN:
    Clan Member2 IGN:
    Clan Member3 IGN:   …
  7. Submission Accepted until December 16, 2020.


Clans who’ve submitted a valid entry will receive (per participating member):
-1D Daily Rewards (It is advised to empty your mailbox)
– Red Clan Uniform Pack (F)/ Red Clan Uniform Pack (M)
– Nocturnal Cloister Chest

Winning Clan with the most creative video and carol will win
20k worth of Item Mall Items
450M Yuan for the Guild

First Runner-up will win
10k Worth of Item Mall Items
200M Yuan for the Guild

Criteria for Judging:

50% Technical (Voice quality, video quality)

20% Creativity (Uniqueness, Originality)

15% Preparedness (Evidence of Practice, Available Props, well-rehearsed)

15% Appearance (Appropriate, Relevance, Posture)


The GM Team may revise and amend these mechanics, if necessary, at its own discretion.

In the event of any revision, the team will specify the reason and the effective date of such amendment.