PPXP2020: Side Events

Dec 3, 2020 | Events, News, Notice, PPXP2020

Sali na sa saya ng biggest gamers Christmas party in Asia Now Online!

I. Early Bird

When PPXP@Home goes live on the PlayPark PH page it will be shared on the Perfect World Official Facebook page with a Discord Link.
The First 100 people to enter the Discord will be invited to a private room where they will show their Face via WebCam or Phone Camera.
Verification will be per batch consisting of 10 people each.
Participants will be given 5-10min. to show their Face or else they will be kicked out of the private room.
A Person/Character can only win once. (Do not redeem the code multiple times in one character it will not be awarded)

War Avatar Chest: S

II. Milestone Views

Reaching a specific View will grant rewards
Upon reaching the specified view a Form will be released where players will input their IGN and Server within the day only.
Rewards will be manually inserted within 30 Days.

100 Views 30 Nebula Dust Orb – 3 Extreme action Stone
150 Views 1 Daily Quest Pack
300 Views 10 War Avatar Pack: S
500 Views DB8 (Bounded)
600 Views Matchless Wing (First Redeem Per Server)

50- 500 view Rewards will be in form.

600 views will be first to redeem Voucher per server
which will be redeemed here: https://redemption.playpark.com/
Please be reminded that the In-Game Name is case sensitive.

III. Caroling Collab

Read more HERE

IV. Heroes Got Talent

Read more HERE

V. PPXP Passport

Tasks will be given on the PW PPXP Discord Channel

Players have until 5:00 PM to submit their passport at the Discord channel

VI. Christmas Raffle Bonanza – Online Edition 

For PlayPark PPXP@Home events visit the PlayPark website HERE