PW 2.0 Transcendence: Primal World

May 30, 2016 | Events, Guides, News, PW 2.0

Perfect World 2.0 newest expansion, Transcendence, reveal a brand new world map – Primal World. After heroes reincarnate into the world again, they begin a new journey into the Primal World for a new realm of adventure.

Primal World

Tyrant’s Imperial Army Fortress
As the war between the Lord Tyrant and Light Emperor, the powerful Light Emperor’s Sword fallen into the hands of Tyrant Prince. Affected by its power, he gathered his army and guild a fortress, attempt to crush the primal world.


Blue Dragon Platform
The Dark Emperor’s Sword guarding Dragon Tower, peace and endless life form streaming through the nation. Due power of Dark Emperor’s Sword, people from the perfect world may reincarnate and travel into Primal world. Thus hope continues from here.



Tree Raccoon Village
A strange indigenous population lives in the Primal World. They look cute, has a special ability, but hostile to outsiders. In the region where they rule, outsiders will invariably be attacked, in this peaceful village.



Waterlily Mirage Kingdom
There is a colorful splendor underwater kingdom could be found in the Primal World. Familiar Tideborne companions could be found, and many countless pearls, coral. Many coveted the treasure inside, but none has found the way leading into the mysterious region.