1. Level 100+

2. Esteem: Sublime / Diabolic or highger

3. Not in transformation status

4. Stone of Love: Restoration (acquired from quest)

Reawakening Quest

1. Talk to General Xia Feng in DC South (521, 629). Take the New Horizon – Summer Reawakened Quest.

B 11B 1


2. Go to Primal World Messenger in DC South (546, 625). Choose the first option in the list to answer correctly.

B 22B 2


3. Get the New Horizon – Door to Primal World Quest from Emissary of Time and Space in DC (552, 654)

B 33B 3


4. Go to the Worldspire in the Universal City (123, 856) up to a height of 46. You will get a popup message on the platform.

B 4


5. Talk to the Dragon Student in DC North (564, 673) and ask What is Reawakening.

B 44B 5

6. Talk to Master of Cycles (beside Dragon Student) and get the Stone of Love: Restoration (2m Yuan).

B 55B 6

Talk to Master of Cycles again and Reawaken.

B 6.1

Congratulations! Rebirth successful and you can now enter the Primal World!

B 66


7. Talk to the Emissary of Time and Space in Dragon City (552, 654) to enter the Primal World. Select ‘Door to the Primal World’.

B 7

Reawakening Effects

1. Character will return to level 1.

2. Your stats will be wiped, but depending on what level you reawaken, you will get extra stat points.

3. Quests that are level dependent will not be available to you until you reach the appropriate level.

4. Higher EXP multiplier for killing monsters and quest.

5. Gear that is stat dependent will not be wearable until you fulfil the stat points required.