PW 2.0 Transcendence introducing new dungeon: The Silver Stream Palace. It is design which has several rooms. Each room has unique environment setup separating four major bosses.


1. Finish reawakening and enter Primal World
2. Must be at least level 100
3. Must be at least Arcane Sky I

Talk to NPC, Emerald Spellcaster at Blue Dragon Platforn (325, 530).

B 77


Meteroid Church
In a heavy axe that spent instant burst of spark, the silver steam palace door slowly opened the first hurdle through these terrible axe will be able to notice a very hot temperature in Meteroid Church. This room has setup with a large number of traps and monsters lurking inside.



Mercury Pond
As approaching the second room, a room full of liquid silver. One must be careful slaying the silver drinking beasts, for it might inattentive turn you into a silver statue, and live remaining life as decoration in the room.



Gold Storehouse
Greed is the evil nature of all mortals, thus the Gold Storehouse could prove to be heroes ultimate test. A room full of gold and silver in every corner. One must withstand the temptation of fortune to make it through here.



Mi Qingjing
The Mi Qingjing, a place room full of Hallucinogenic colors, romantic warmth of peach petals swirling down from its tree. Such Fascinating scene makes many heroes becomes a prisoner in here.



Fallen Sky King Temple
A solemn yet simple decor reside a final challenge for all mortals. The statues of ancient emperors, with still spirits attached to it. Defeat the Tyrant Prince, fulfill your destiny!