This Chinese New Year will be welcomed with a bang with the opening of the Perfect World Pyrolympics 2015. Calling all the masters of this ancient art, share with the Perfect World community your clan’s skill and creativity in this contest that will surely light up the sky.



In the upcoming Perfect World Pyrolympics 2015, all players are invited to join the Pyrolympics Screenshot event.

Take a screenshot from any of the fireworks presentations during the Pyrolympics 2015 in your server.

Using the screenshot of the presentation, make your most creative Pyrolympics 2015 commemorative card.

Your screenshot must be the main feature of your card.

Add a message or greet your fellow Heroes a happy Chinese New Year in your card.

To join, send the following information to along with your card using the subject [PW Pyrolympics Card]:

  • Full Name
  • Game Username
  • Character Name
  • Server
  • Contact Number

Don’t forget to include your card in the email.

The top 3 most creative and eye catching entries will win prizes.

Submit your entries on or before Feb 11, 2015 (Wed).

Winners will be announced on or before Feb 16, 2015 (Mon).

Criteria for Judging

  • Creativity – 50%
  • Closeness to the theme – 50%


The winners may choose one from the choices below:

  • FAME – 20,000
  • 30,000,000 EXP
  • 30,000,000 Soul
  • 40 x Spirit Gem & 30 x Vision Gem
  • 300 x Misty Emblem
  • 10x Warsong Baldric Text
  • 35 pcs level 8 Soulstones of Choice