This Chinese New Year will be welcomed with a bang with the opening of the Perfect World Pyrolympics 2015. Calling all the masters of this ancient art, share with the Perfect World community your clan’s skill and creativity in this contest that will surely light up the sky.


The Perfect World Pyrolympics 2015 is open to all Perfect World Clans. Beginning Jan 15, 2015 until Feb 2, 2015 (11AM), PW Clans may register by sending the following information to using the subject [PW Pyrolympics 2015]

  • Clan Name
  • Clan Master’s Character Name
  • Server
  • Contact Number

Only a maximum of fifteen (15) clans per server may register. There should be a minimum of fifteen (15) members present during the event proper.

The participating clans may use as many fireworks as they wish.

GMs have the right to penalize any player or clan that will violate the Mandate of Heaven during the event. When the GMs call the clan, the clan will have ten (10) minutes to set up. Clans who fail to present themselves after the time limit (missing members, incomplete set up, etc.) will forfeit their slot. A new clan may present to take their place at the discretion of the GMs.

All the prizes will be awarded to the registered Clan Master

GMs will add the registered Clan Masters to the Pyrolympics Chatroom thirty (30) minutes before the start of the event. This is to prepare for the event.

The participating clan should go to their desired location and the Clan Master will take the GM to the location before the start.

Once the GMs have arrived at the location and give the GO signal, the Clan may start their fireworks display.

The participating clan will be given three (3) minutes to show their intense Dance of Dragons Fireworks display.


GMs will choose two (2) winners (1st and 2nd place) per server and one (1) overall winner based on the following criteria:

  • Creativity – 70%
  • Presentation – 30%

There will be a maximum of two (2) winners per server. Participants may only win once.

Winning clans will be announced on or before February 9, 2015.



The schedule of presentation per server is as follows:

  • Dragon – Feb 3 2015 (5PM – 7PM)
  • Serpent – Feb 4 2015 (5PM – 7PM)
  • Tiger – Feb 5 2015 (5PM – 7PM)


Prizes 2

Prizes will be inserted to the Clan Masters within 30 working days after the announcement of winners.