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Playpark All Stars heads to the last leg of the elimination round for our tournaments in QUEZON City this July 11, 2015. Don’t miss your opportunity to take home a shot at the Phoenix Council War 2015 championship.

  • Café Name: Pacific Internet
  • Café Address: 942 Aurora Blvd. Quezon City besides TIP Quezon City

That’s not all. To kick off the road to the Finals, we will be having our Raffle Bonanza at tomorrow’s Quezon City Leg.

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RAFFLE Bonanza Mechanics

  • Purchase LU prepaid cards at the event venue.
  • Top up and convert the load to PWPH Gold at the Top Up Area.
  • Every Php100 worth of LU prepaid card converted is worth 1 Raffle Stub.
  • Present to the LU staff the total converted amount to get the equivalent raffle coupons.
  • If the total amount of raffle entries for PW reaches a certain level, special prizes will be unlocked.
  • Winners must present their raffle coupon to the raffle facilitator to claim the prize and fill out the winners’ information sheet.


*Note: Highlighted items are locked. Prizes will be subject to tiering depending on the Raffle Bonanza turnout.*
Prizes will be inserted within thirty (30) days of the event.