✨FREE Heaven-Earth Stone✨

The most awaited BONUS of the year is here!

Easy Mechanics:

Top-up using “Razer Gold Wallet” only, on Playmall. For every purchase of 100 Gold worth from the item mall, and get FREE 4 Heaven-Earth Stone.
(Your Razer Gold Account should be set to PH Region.)


For every 1000 Gold worth of purchase, you’ll get 1 raffle stub for a chance to win a
Brand-New Razer Orna V2 – Mecha-Membrane Gaming Keyboard from Razer Gold!


Player 1 Top-up 100 Gold using “Razer Gold Wallet” and purchase 10 Nebular Dust Orb worth 100 Gold, he/she will receive 4 Heaven-Earth Stone.

Player 2 Top-up 250 Gold using “Razer Gold Wallet” and purchase 20 War Avatar Essence (100 Gold) and 6 Lucky Box(150Gold), the total worth of purchase is 250 Gold, a player will receive 8 Heaven-Earth Stone.

Player 3 Top-up 50 Gold using “Razer Gold Wallet” and purchase 1 War Avatar Treasure Box worth 50 Gold, a player will NOT receive any items because he/she didn’t meet the criteria for the reward.

Player 4 Top-up 1,000 Gold using “Razer Gold Wallet” and purchase 100 War Avatar Essence (500 Gold) and 20 Lucky Box(500Gold), the total worth of purchase is 1,000 Gold, a player will receive 40 Heaven-Earth Stone and 1 Raffle Stub.

Duration: February 18, 20201(12:00 AM) until February 21, 2021 (11:59 PM) GMT+8.

Heaven-Earth Stone usage:

  1. Transferring equipment upgrades.
  2. Ensures that refining failure does not reduce the Refining Level. However, the success rate goes down as the equipment’s Refine Level increases.
  3. Retaining Refine Level, Slots and Soul Stones when recasting an equipment.

It’s time to transfer those upgrades to your new equipment.

Don’t miss this once in a millennium bonus!
Awarding will be done within 7 working days after the promo period


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Here’s how you can recharge with Razer Gold on PlayMall:

  1. Create a Razer Gold account. Already have an account? Proceed to next step.
  2. Click RELOAD NOW to reload your Razer Gold account.
  3. Login to your PlayMall account. Then, click TOPUP
  4. Select Razer Gold Wallet and choose amount to top-up
  5. Login to Razer Gold account to complete transaction.