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The time has finally come for the rising of the PHOENIX. Coming very soon to the Heroes of Pan Gu is the much awaited Server Merge. Meet friends and encounter foes as all the Heroes of Pan Gu converge in Phoenix Server.

To guide you on this, check out the mechanics of our server merge.

New Server Name

Serpent + Dragon + Tiger = Phoenix


This is the mechanics of what will happen to the subscriber’s account after purge and also describes what a player will be expecting after the merge.

I.  Characters

Name will be changed if duplicated on other Servers; there will be a suffix after the name, “T” for Tiger and “D” for Dragon. Serpent will be the Base Server so character names will be retained and will not have any suffix.

Example of names before Merge:

  • Serpent: Dragoon
  • Dragon: Dragoon
  • Tiger: Dragoon

Example of names after Merge:

  • Phoenix: Dragoon, DragoonD, DragoonT

No max character limit in 1 account, if it exceed 8 characters then there will be a scroll bar besides the character, but won’t be able to create characters anymore. Note: Character creation max limit is still 8 in 1 account. After the merge there will be a maximum of 16. More than 16 characters, system will delete characters will exceed 16.



II.  Items

Character inventory and bank will not be affected by merge. In other words, your item inventory and back should remain intact.

Items in the Account Storage will be merged.



Note: Items in the storage that exceeded 16 more can be pulled out but the storage will still display 16 more slots and you can’t put items unless the storage have 16 slots below.


III.  Clans

Name will be changed if duplicated on other Servers

Example of names before Merge:

  • Serpent: TestClan
  • Dragon: TestClan
  • Tiger: TestClan

Example of names after Merge:

  • Phoenix: TestClan, TestClanD, TestClanT


IV.  Gold

All active consignments will be refunded and all Gold in the traded account will be merged. If this goes past the limit, the excess must be withdrawn first before consigning.


V.  Auction

Items in Auction will be wiped or canceled and will be delivered in the Mailbox as normal.


VI.  Territorial War

All Territories will be neutral and all  Territorial War Points will be reset



To avoid technical difficulties and make the server merge smoother, we strongly recommend that you take the following measures prior to merge.

  1. Make sure that the character total of your server groups does not exceed 8 (Serpent + Dragon + Tiger). We highly recommend that you delete nuisance characters that you’ve created in the past.
  2. Make sure that your total storage per server group does not exceed 16 (Serpent + Dragon + Tiger). You can trade the various equipment in your storage to other characters first or you can actually just throw useless items away.
  3. Withdraw all Gold and Yuan in Auctioneer to prevent loss of currency after the merge.

If you want assistance in determining what to do or for more information on what will happen you can send in a ticket through our Customer Support Helpdesk asking question about the merge.