Player of the week 6

Player Name: Mark Andrew Yazar

Character Name: Sirknight

Server: Chimera

Class: Fa Shih

Clan: Sentinels

*Month/Year started playing: 2007

*When did you start playing Perfect World? I started playing the game during its early days way back 2007 (Dragon Server)

*Why do you love Perfect World? What I like the most about Perfect World is it’s unique game play and its Territorial War.

*Where do you usually hang out in-world? When I was still in Dragon Server now Phoenix Server I usually stay in one place after doing all the daily quest and that’s Dragon City South Bank. Hangout of MasterMind

*What are the features that you like best in the game? 80 vs 80 Territorial War..

*Your favorite location in the Map or favorite Monster? Behemoth. Brings back the memories of hardship during the early days of the game.

*Your dream achievement? To be the No. 1 Fa Shih in Chimera Server.

*Your accomplishments? I was able to handle a clan of my own in Serpent Server. I was able to gather and assemble clan members of different walks of life.

*Who are the players or characters that you idolize in-world in your server?.  Fa Shih ” Love your own”

*What is your most memorable in-world moment? First ever territorial war during lowbie days.

*Most embarassing in-world moment? I cannot recall any situation where I felt embarrassed. Its because playing Perfect World is “PURE FUN”

*What made you choose your class? I like being the one who inflicts the most damage / nuke.

*Who’s your Perfect World crush? None

*Any message to the Heroes of the Perfect World? Time management is essential. Don’t focus to much in playing. Everything should be balanced. Play fair and enjoy the game.