Skypool Scriptures are here! These ancient scriptures can be used at the Shade’s Embrace forges to craft and reforge Penumbra Weapons.
They can be acquired by Completing Quicksand Maze (95-105)  and Endless Void instance quests.

We are putting these handy dungeon gears in the Item Mall for from June 18-21, 2021, 8:00 AM Only!

Penumbra Weapons

☆☆☆Penumbra: Bloodsoaked Wild 

☆☆☆Penumbra: Endless Bloodshed

☆☆☆Penumbra: Cosmo Rage 

☆☆☆Penumbra: Arrow Downpour

☆☆☆Penumbra: Gory Thirst


☆☆☆Penumbra: Nocturnal Villain

 ☆☆☆Penumbra: Disastrous Origin

 ☆☆☆Penumbra: Skyscorch Flame

☆☆☆Penumbra: Purified Sanctuary 

 ☆☆☆Penumbra: Chaotic Messenger 

The items are combined with Morai weapons and armor.