All PW players may join.

Participants must attend with their partner. Partners must be a boy and girl character.

All participants must wear any RED Fashion Sets. Mixed red fashion sets are allowed. If you’re not wearing a RED Fashion Set, then your participation will not be counted.

Participants with their partner must be at the Peach Blossom before their scheduled time. Fall in line properly.

Wait for the GM to give the signal for the snuggle event.

When the GO signal for snuggle event has been announced, participants must start snuggling with their partners until the event ends.

All participants that are not snuggling will not be counted. So make sure to snuggle with your partner until the GM announces that the event has officially ended.

Be the server with the most number of participants to win!

SCHEDULE : Feb 24-26

Serpent – Feb 24 (6PM)

Tiger – Feb 25 (6PM)

Dragon – Feb 26 (6PM)


1st : 1 week of 3x Exp & Soul Mod with 2x Drop

2nd : 1 week of 2x Exp & Soul Mod

3rd : 4 days of 2x Exp & Soul Mod