It’s time to snuggle-up this Snugglepalooza 2021!
Show the warm, loving community of PlayPark Perfect World.

  • Go online before the appointed time to prepare:
    • New Moon 8 PM
    • Sun after New Moon
    • Star Proxima After Sun
  • Players will head to a designated area c/o CM.
  • The Server with the most creative HEART formation while snuggled in-game while snuggled will win the server-wide prize.
  • Minimum Participants to qualify: 50
  • Server-wide prizes
    Winner: Star-Proxima
    7day x2 drop/exp/soul mod – War Avatar Chest: S + 10 War Avatar Pack + 800 Valor Token for all participant

    1st runner-up Sun 
    5days x2 drop/exp/soul mod – 10 War Avatar Pack + 800 Valor Token for all participant
    3rd New Moon
    3days x2 drop/exp/soul mod – 5 War Avatar Pack + 800 Valor Token for all participant
  • The event is live-streamed and host(s) will give 1,000 vouchers to selected players who best fit the following criteria:
    • Best Dressed Male & Female (Submit your entry HERE and attend the Snugglepalooza wearing your fashion entry)
    • Mr. & Ms. Single (Submit your entry HERE and attend the Snugglepalooza 2021)
    • 1 Random (All participating per server)
  • Submit your couple entry HERE, The best entry will be featured in Snugglepalooza Livestream on February 15, 2021, and win Razer Viper Mouse
  • Submissions accepted until February 15, 2021, at 5:00 PM


2/16/2021 update

  • Server-wide reward winner announcement
  • 3 Winners for Best Dressed Outfit will be decided by PW Team + Community Votes
    For other entries who did not win the community vote
    your entries will be judged based on

    • submitted Image Quality 25%
    • Fashion Uniqueness 25%
    • GM Team Vote 50%
  • Random winners from participating characters per server will be Raffled next CM Playtime
  • Mr. and Ms. Single winners announcement.
  • Winner of 2 Razer Viper mouse for Best Couple
  • Due to the overwhelming support of the New Moon Server we’ve added 2 Days to the Server modified rates of New Moon Server making it equal to 2nd place with 5Days total of server modifiers.

Results will be announced on February 18, 2021 CM Playtime.


1k gift voucher per server to:

  • Best Dressed Male and Female
  • Mr. and Ms. Single
  • Random Attendee

Snugglepalooza 2021 Best Couple:

  • Wins a Pair of Razer Viper Mouse


Best Outfit Community Vote: Skyzler New Moon
Best Outfit  Female: mhavy New Moon
Best Outfit  Male: Kol New Moon

Mr. Single Star-Proxima: Seoyeon
Ms. Single Star-Proxima: Hymm Star-Proxima

Mr. Single Sun: Okuni
Ms. Single Sun: Aizi

Random per Server
Bianca – Sun Server
lllllllll – New Moon Server
Allaric – Star- Proxima

Best Couple: Jireo21 ♥ mhavy New Moon

The GM Team may revise and amend these mechanics, if necessary, at its own discretion.
In the event of any revision, the team will specify the reason and the effective date of such amendment.
The decision of the GMs and the Perfect World Team is considered final and irrevocable.