Streamer Bounty Season 6 – Untamed Saga Edition

Apr 12, 2023 | Events, News, Notice

Watch the new generation of Legends of PlayPark Perfect World, Join the newest season of Streamer Bounty!

All players of PlayPark Perfect World are invited to stream the game by showcasing their creativity, wit, and influence. Bag amazing prizes too!

April 12- May 19, 2023.

Interested Streamers have to submit their registration here until April 16, 2023.

  • New to the game? Catch up and win instant rewards by taking part in the Untamed Saga Newbie Ayuda Drive: [Click here]
  • Conduct your PlayPark Perfect World Livestream on Facebook.
  • Use the provided Stream Layout > Click to View
    (Use at least 3 of the provided images)
  • One Person, one Page/Channel
    (using multiple entries disqualifies a participant)
  • Your Character Name must be shown on the stream.
  • Set your Livestream title to [PlayPark Perfect World SBS6 Day#]
  • Include this caption and hashtags in the Stream description box.
    Welcome, PlayPark Perfect World Untamed Saga is Now LIVE!
    #PlayPark #PerfectWorld #PWSBS6

▶️PlayPark Perfect World Links:

▶️PlayPark Perfect World Manual Patch Links:

  • Entries will base on the live stream date.
  • Stream any time from April 12 – May 19, 2023, for at least 1 hour per day.
    The Livestream should contain gameplay with camera (in-person or virtual avatar), strictly with commentary if you are using a virtual avatar.  
  • Voice Changer user.
    Voice Changer with Virtual Avatar NOT ALLOWED
    Voice Changer with no Virtual Avatar ALLOWED
    Using voice changer as reaction to viewers ALLOWED 
  • Only one Livestream per day will count towards the Livestream goals.
  • For Insight verification, you need to grant GM Ram Editor Access to your streamer page.
    (You can view this under Page Settings > Page Roles > Assign a New Role) you can remove the role after the event.
  • You can continue your Livestream if it is interrupted/disconnected within the same day. 
  • Old videos reposted or replayed will not be considered.
    (All entries must be original and made only for this event).
  • The GM Team’s decision is final.
  • We reserve the right to change terms and conditions at any time without prior notice.


Choose one of the PWPH Streamer Bounty Season 6 stickers

(This must be seen in your Livestream).

For Insight verification, you need to grant GM Ram Editor Access to your streamer page.

(You can view this under Page Settings > Page Roles > Assign a New Role)

You can Export your full Video Insight for your own reference but the official data will be what GM Ram downloaded.

For Questions, you may message the Official PW Page.

Submit only if you agree to have read the mechanics and understand its content and voluntarily give your consent for the collection, use, processing, storage, and retention of your personal data or information to PlayPark PH for the purpose(s) described in this document. I also understand that my consent does not prevent the existence of other criteria for the lawful processing of personal data and does not waive any of my rights under RA 10173 – Data Privacy Act of 2012 and other applicable

You will get rewards based on valid Livestream.

SBS6 – 3 videos weekly

-1 Xia Feng Sword
-Huya Exclusive Item Pack (Rename: Streamer Support)
< Gold Amulet Period: 7 days, Storm Teleport Stone Period: 7 days>
-2 Perfect Voucher
-5 Major Homestead Supply Bag

7Days Livestream

-5 Xia Feng Sword
-42 Sigil of Nightbloom
-6 Profaned Wood
-60 Arcane Legend Pill
-6 Starglade Chest
-100 Nebula Dust Orb
-30 Rough Bloodstone Shard
-18 Rough Iron Shard
-6 Ether Jade
-20 GM Astrobana Pearl
-5 Mystical Crest Pack

15 Days Livestream

-8 Xia Feng Sword
-1000 Soulsplit panacea
-3 Zenith Skull (Bounded)
-3 War Avatar Chest S
-1 Glyph LV8 (cannot be upgraded)
-50 Arctstar Dust Truth
-7 Arctstar Dust: Mind
-1 Arcstar Dust Ether

25 Days Livestream

– 15 Xia Feng Sword
– 70 Ruler’s Sigil
– Dragon tamer lasso
– Royal Glow Fan
– Prismatic Dragonball (Bounded)
– 1 Draconic Essence (Bounded)
– Chivalrous Stance Pack (Bounded, Not SBS6 Exclusive)

All participants who reached 30 Livestream will be eligible for SBS6 Raffle.

5 Winners of of Supremacy (bounded)

2 Winners of Matchless Wing (unbound)

1 Winner of Jaden Crystal (unbound)

1 Winner of Transcendence Orb (unbound)




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