Summer Pack na PAK! Treats

Mar 24, 2021 | Item Mall

🔥☀️Is it getting hot in here? ☀️🔥
Double the heat this summer as we are giving a free  Crest of Sochi lottery box for every purchase of March Equinox.
[Click here for more details about March Equinox lottery box.]

Crest of Sochi contains a high percentage to get Xia Feng Command Sword, Glory and Honor Badge, GOW Tablets, Black & White Emperor and Squirrel Maiden Fashion!

Promo Period:
March 24 (12:00 AM) – March 26 (11:59 PM) GMT+8

Crest of Sochi will be awarded manually within 3-5 days after the event.

Also, to celebrate the success of PlayPark Allstars 2020,
We are giving 2x EXP, 2x Drop and 2x Soul starting tonight! (details will be posted soon.)

What are you waiting for? Double the box double the fun!