The Whispering Masuloeum

Aug 12, 2021 | Guides

The Whispering Mausoleum is a new dynamic instance.
The map, scenes, monster, boss, and other elements in the instance are all randomly generated, giving you a new experience every time you challenge it.


  • Players that are higher than Reawakening II LV100 and Pious Sky I.
  • Go to the Gate of Cycles in Avalask

  • Or teleport using the Stone of Dreamland NPC

  • Talk to the Soulless Wanderer to enter the instance.

  • You need a Whispering Mirror to enter the instance, which can be crafted from the Soulless Wanderer with Silent Sea Sandgrain and Dawnlight Feather.

The Mausoleum is randomized like Quicksand Maze.
General Structure:
3-4 Challenges (Random)
2 Bosses (Random)
Final Boss
Optional Boss


Senseless Desire

Fearless Enmity

Merciless Ecstasy

Sorrowless Pity


Sinless Innocence

Rageless Incantation

Loveless Condemnation


Daily Quest Rewards:

5 Rough Bloodstone shard, 3 Rough Iron Shard, 1 Ether Jade, Nebula Dust Orb x5 Neverfall Squire Badge x5, 1 Soul Summon Stone