All Clan Master who want to participate must email at for verification. The clan master should only use one email address for the entire duration of the Topaz Warlord and must follow the given format below:

Subject Title: PW Topaz Registration

Clan Name:
Clan Master Name:
Clan Master’s Username:
Clan Master’s Character Name:
Contact Information (mobile and email):


1. Only clans that have reached level 3 on or before March 21 will be qualified for the Topaz Warlord.

2. GM will auction 30 pcs of the auction token in game. This will represent a vote voucher.

3. GM will auction the tokens on the following dates before 1 PM:


a. April 8– ★Emotionless Thorn (crafted by Nhevahya)

b. April 14– ★★Double Dragon (crafted by Nhevahya)

c. April 22 – ★★Nine Thunderclaps (crafted by Nhevahya)

d. April 28 – ★★Strength of Swallow’s Cross (crafted by Nhevahya) (Auction: 7pm, 16 hours)


a. May 6 – ★★Drunken Haze (crafted by Nhevahya)

b. May 12 – ★★Soaring Hearts(crafted by Nhevahya)

c. May 20  – ★★Moonstriker (crafted by Nhevahya)

d. May 26 – ★★ Vengeful Wind (crafted by Nhevahya)

4. Price will have a minimum cost of 1,000,000 Yuan and will be left open for bidding for 24 hours.

5. Player will mail these items to Nhevahya along with the clan name they wish to vote.

6. Each vote voucher is equivalent to 1 Voting Point.

7. Votes without the appropriate item or listed clan name will be deemed invalid.

8. There will only be a total of 30 vote vouchers auctioned per day.

9. Cut-off of mailing your votes will be 4 pm every following Monday

(Phase 1: April 11, 18, 28 and May 2. Phase 2: May 9, 16, 23, 30).

10. Updated list will be provided every Monday at 6pm.

10. The Clan that received the highest number of votes will earn a Topaz Warlord slot in the Final 8.

11. Screenshots during the voting period will be posted on our official fb page and/or website. Scores will be updated every week.

If on the final scoring day, a clan is already in the list of top winners (1st to 2nd placer) of the Topaz Warlord category, that clan will no longer be counted in Phase 2. 

If a clan is already in the list of top winners of a certain category, that clan is no longer eligible to win in other categories.

READ Full Mechanincs here

Disclaimer: Contest rules are subject to change without prior notice. By joining this event, players agree to abide by the rules as stated in the contest mechanics. The decision of the GMs and the Perfect World Team is considered final and irrevocable.