The greatest battle in Perfect World – War of Kingdoms will start on March 15, 2019.


  • Lv 100+
  • Demon (Diabolic, Infernal, Demon) or Immortal (Sublime, Enlightened, Immortal) esteem
  • War of Kingdoms Mark (Obtained from the Warlord, in all major cities)


  • Friday and Sunday, 2020 to 2220

How to Enter

  • At 2020 on Friday or Sunday  speak with the Warlord in any major city to obtain a War of Kingdoms Mark.
  • Speak with the Warlord with the War of Kingdoms Mark in your inventory to enter the War of Kingdoms.
  • If you are in a party, you must be the party leader.
  • All members of a single party will enter under the same Kingdom. However, each group (or solo player) will be placed in a random Kingdom, so it is never sure whether all members of a Clan will fight under the same Kingdom.

Strategic Map

  • Brown area – Hoarfrost Citadel territory
  • White area – Whitestone City territory
  • Green area – Dragonlord’s Roar territory
  • Red area – Flamewyrm Depths territory
  • Dark blue area – Territory has just completed a battle. Cannot attack for 3 minutes
  • Circled area – A battle is currently taking place here
  • Yellow area with Arrow – You are here
  • Treasure Chest – Displays the total prize pool for today’s War of Kingdoms. This amount will be split among the four Kingdoms, and the individual Kingdom prize will be split among players fighting under the Kingdom’s banner.
  • Return to Base – Instantly returns you to the home base (The part of your territory with a Kingdom Crest)
  • Personal Points – Your score for today’s War of Kingdoms. A factor in calculating your Valor Points reward.
  • Kingdom Score – The performance of each Kingdom. The final prize pot will be split among the Kingdoms by a like proportion based on their score.
  • Update – Updates your Personal Points and Kingdom scores

Entering a Battleground

  • Click on a territory on the strategic map. This must be adjacent to one of your Kingdom’s territories.
  • You will move towards that territory. (Longer distances will take longer to travel, obviously)
  • If the territory you clicked is controlled by an Enemy Kingdom, or is under attack by an enemy kingdom, you will enter the battleground map.

* If a territory is under contention and your Kingdom is neither the Attacker or Defender, you cannot enter this battleground.

Battleground Map

  • Red Circle (far North) – Attacker’s Staging Point
  • Blue Circle (far South) – Defender’s Staging Point
  • Green Zone (Center Latitude) – War Standard spawn Points
  • Flag Icon – The Standardbearer is here!
  • Battlefield Time – The amount of time you have been on this battleground
  • Battle Time – The amount of actual time you have spent in battle (mode). This is a factor in your final score, so do not just enter a battleground and go AFK, for you will get little to no rewards if your Battle Time is low!
  • Personal Kills/Deaths – The number of enemies you have defeated/times you were defeated. Your kill rate is a factor in your final score. (Deaths are just a matter of pride)
  • Kingdom Kills/Deaths – The number of enemies your Kingdom has defeated/times your allies were defeated. An indicator of the enemy resistance’s strength
  • Allies/Enemies – The number of allied/enemy units on the map.

* Fallen warriors will respawn along the three ‘mountians’ north or south of the Center Standard Spawn Point.

Battleground Objectives

  • The Kingdom that earns 20 points first wins
  • Picking up the War Standard will earn your Kingdom 1 point.
  • Taking the War Standard to your side’s Staging Area will earn your Kingdom 10 points.
  • If neither Kingdom has earned 20 points at the end of the Battle Time (22 minutes from the beginning), the Kingdom with more points will win the battle.

* The Standardbearer will gain a status effect that lowers their Move Speed.

** If the Standardbearer fails to deliver the Standard to the Staging Area within a set amount of time, she will gain a status effect that lowers Def and MDef.

*** You only have 5 respawns (total of 6 lives) per Battleground. Once they are expended, you will be transported back to your HQ. (You can re-enter the battleground)

Special Battleground Rules

  • Members of Enemy Kingdoms do not have their names displayed. You will only be able to see their Faction and Class. (Of course, characters with easily recognized faces can be identified)

  • You cannot chat with members of opposing Kingdoms, or read their common Chat. (However, PMing a member of the opposing Kingdom whose name is known is allowed)
  • Kingdom Chat (‘$’ notation) can be used to speak with all members of your Kingdom across all battlegrounds. However, it costs 100,000 Yuan for each message sent through this channel.

Battleground Rewards

  • Each Kingdom will earn Valor Tokens based on the final Kingdom Score. A like proportion of the prize pot will go to each Kingdom.
  • You will earn a number of Valor Tokens based on your Personal Score. This will be a like proportion of your Kingdom’s share of the prize pot, compared against all allies fighting under a Kingdom. (If many strong warriors do well under a Kingdom, the score curve will be adjusted based on their performance, meaning that warriors who did not do as well, or just slacked off, will earn a proportionately small share of the pot)
  • You can trade the Valor Tokens in the Tripod of Attendance (550 675) for a a more valuable items.