We Are Looking for Moderators

Aug 3, 2022 | News, Notice


We are now Looking for a Moderator.
Are you the one that we are looking for?
If you think you are qualified to be the next Moderator, Apply now!

Being a Game Moderator entails great responsibility.

Players who seek a higher purpose for the game, those who are willing to offer their time to provide assistance and share their knowledge, in order to help the PlayPark admins, staff, Game Masters, and the gaming Community.

Game Moderators are required to attend their duties in-game and within the community. These are further detailed below:

-Assist players in-game, and the Support Community, with various concerns
-Finding, verifying, and reporting game-related issues.
-Collaboration with the Game Masters on the creation, editing, and imposition of guidelines for the game and the gaming community.
-Providing detailed reports to the GM Team on specific concerns and issues for the game and the community.
-Assist the GM Team in conducting in-game and community events.
-Assist the GM Team on-site during tournaments and other projects which need their physical presence.


-Must be of legal age, as described by Philippine Laws.
-Willfully contributes their time to the community in a specified role
-Has significant contribution in-game and within the community.
-Has technical skills, knowledge, and patriotism in-game
-With a good attitude, and interpersonal skills
-Able to communicate with people and assist their concerns
-Able to work, listen and foster camaraderie among his peers, Playpark© Inc., Game Masters, and the community which he will serve.
-Has no records of in-game violations, and previous history of Third Party Program Use warranting to be on the Watch List.

If you are interested, Kindly answer this Form
We are looking forward to working with you.

– PW GM Team