Monday Madness

Celestial Tigers +



Duration: Starting every Thursday


Complete the chain quest “This war o Mine” to get free 50 Earthbless Tome (Will be manually mailed within 7-14 days).


  1. Go to Primal World Story mode via Chaseraid Camp Leader NPC (404,585)
  2. Get the “This War o Mine I: Get ready”
  3. Continue the Quest up to “This War o’ Mine IV: Supplies”
    Get your quest rewards and you will automatically be eligible for rewards.


50 Earthbless Tome
Can be used at the Shade’s Embrace forges to craft and reforge Penumbra Armors.

Endless Void Glyph

Duration: Every Friday

Finish AEV and open your Endless Dragon Chest to get a Glyph Pack lv3

A character will only win once per week.
Glyph Pack LV3
Right-click to obtain a random LV3 Glyph.

Dungeon Bounty Exchange: UCH to FH

Duration: Every Saturday


  1. Look for Party Members, this dungeon cannot be done alone.
  2. Enter the “Undercurrent Hall” dungeon by Dream Stone or teleport to Primal World through Peng lai Guide Vran NPC on each major city.
    NPC Coordinates:

    2.1. Upon reaching Kylin Town, go to Light Emperor Alexander (380,474) NPC to enter Undercurrent Hall Dungeon.
  3. Get the “Blood of Wind and Fire” quest from Undercurrent Guardian NPC (It is important that you have the quest.)
  4. Kill Inferno Lord Phyrex
  5. Submit your quest to the Undercurrent Guardian NPC to be eligible for rewards.


Starglade Chest
Astrobana Pearl Lv1 – 4
Astrospira Pearl Lv1 – 4
Nebula Dust Orb – 4
Nebula Dust Orb – 2


Double Dungeon Run: Uncharted Paradise

Duration: Every Sunday


  1. Look for Party Members, this dungeon cannot be done alone.
  2. Get your Silent Sea Sandgrain from Swordsman Zenray
  3. Enter the Uncharted Paradise from the same NPC
  4. You will automatically receive a daily dungeon quest “Travel in Uncharted Paradise”  (It is important that you have the quest.)
  5. Finish the quest to be eligible for the reward

A character will receive his rewards one time per day only.


Rough Bloodstone Shard 5
Rough Iron Shard 3
Ether Jade 1

ALL Rewards will be mailed within 7-14 days after the event. 

*Disclaimer: Contest rules are subject to change without prior notice. By joining this event, players agree to abide by the rules as stated in the contest mechanics. The decision of the GMs and the Perfect World Team is considered final and irrevocable.