Perfect World: Celestial Battleground

Jul 5, 2021 | Notice

Patch Highlight:

Celestial Babies
New Boundary: Pious Sky
– Codex for Fashion, Flight, Mounts, and Cute Pets.
New Dungeon: The Whispering Mausoleum & Altar of Saintess

Patch Notes:

• Currency overhaul:

Yuan is a tradable type of currency that is used for trading between players. It can also be used to convert into Yen at a 1:1 ratio (1,000 Yuan can be converted into 1,000 Yen). Yuan can be acquired through buying/selling with other players, and selling Perfect Hammers, Perfect Vouchers, and Bounty Cards to NPCs.

Yen is a non-tradable type of currency that is used to pay for most game features that previously cost coins, such as learning skills, crafting items, and repairing equipment. You cannot convert Yen into Yuan. Yen can be acquired from most activities such as quests, monster loot, and selling items to NPCs.

• New area in the Avalask in the northeast corner. All areas are unlocked and accessible as soon as the Content Update is released

• New quest chain in the Avalask – Soul Awakening. To begin this quest chain, players must be reawakening 2 level 100+, and they must have completed the Royal Sky Quest Chain. Players can talk to Light Empress Althea in the Avalask to begin the quest chain. Most parts of the quest chain are also locked behind Historical Phases which will be unlocked over time; no new daily quests are available for the Historical Phases.

• Advanced Character Customization is now available for Qiang Shou and Yu Feng. Models for both genders have been updated, and hundreds of customizations can be used. 5 hairstyles are available for each gender. To use advanced customization, enable the HD Mode feature in your Settings window.

• Palette of Fortune released. Players can purchase Coupons of Magnificence from the Item Mall to play the Palette of Fortune. Exclusive rewards are on the prize list. The Treasure System can now be found within the Palette of Fortune window.

New bosses in Dusk Palace Chapter 4 Part 2: Prince Chongming and Yen Longwind. Players can choose two groups of bosses to fight from Prince Chongming,Yen Longwind, Feather Lord, and Yi the Mighty Wing before unlocking the Hall of Separation. Both bosses have a chance of dropping Dusk Souls that were previously unobtainable – Prince Chongming drops the Slumbering Sacred Spirit (boots), and Yen Longwind drops the Slumbering Sacred Spirit (wrists).

• New Couple instance: Dream Grove. Married players that are level 20+ can attempt this instance twice a week. Prove your love and ability to cooperate with your special someone! Completing the instance will award each player with 150 Romance Points, for a total of 300 Romance Points.

• New Safety Lock settings have been added. Players can now use a password to enable the Safety Lock instead of using the timed lock protection. In addition, enabling the Safety Lock will no longer protect you from dropping items in PK Mode; you can only protect yourself from dropping items if you have Body Double in your inventory. If you forget your Safety Lock password, please contact E-support.

• Star Charts can now be leveled up to a maximum of level 70. The maximum level that your Star Chart can reach depends on the amount of Astral Energy you have. To level your Star Chart beyond level 50, you must use the new item Astrobana Pearl Ultimate. Currently, this item is only available in the Palette of Fortune.

• New merged skills are available for Wu Xia, Fa Shih, Yao Jing, and Yu Ling. These skills do not require skill books to learn but will combine two skills to create a new one. This cannot be reversed without using an Alignment Shifter which can be purchased from the Item Mall.

• Each class has a new Sanctified Skill to which players can apply a glyph. These skill books can be acquired from Sanctified Tome XIII, which can be crafted at Royal Knight Hector in Neverfall using 5 Neverfall Squire’s Badges and 1 Neverfall Knight’s Badge.

Wu Xia: EX Shadowless Wind
Fa Shih: EX Heart Sutra
Yao Shou: EX Shatter
Yao Jing: EX Blessed Physique
Yu Mang: EX Claws of Heaven
Yu Ling: EX Charm of Notions
Xi Shou: EX Land Mine
Wu Shih: EX Soul Disruption
Jian Ling: EX Bloodred Heart of Sword
Hun Ling: EX Manifest Avatar
Ye Ying: EX Divine Moonlight
Yu Xia: EX Climate Shift
Qiang Shou: EX Wisp of Shadow
Yu Feng: EX Inner Serenity

• Tier 6 Engraving is now available for helmets, manteau, and belts. Players can use 1,000 Spirit Chisels per attempt to perform Engravings at the Trade Deputy. Each attempt has a chance to gain 2 random stats for helmets and 2-3 random stats for the manteau and belts.

• New dungeon – Altar of Saintess. This dungeon has two different endings and gives players Saintess’ Tears which can be traded for items such as Dull Zenith Skull Shards, Bless Boxes, and Soul Stones.

• New Boundary – Pious Sky

• New Avalask area to the east of the map – Nicada.

• New skills for Qiang Shou and Yu Feng (1 buff skill and 1 sanctified skill each)

• Sacred Spirit: Royal Sky is now available in the Gemini Plains west of Polydeux in the Avalask.

• New title quests for the Island of Broken Dreams and Village of the Dreaming Cloud.

• Yao Jing can now purchase skins for some of their Legendary Pets.

• New Celestial Babies system. Players can adopt and raise Celestial Babies to eventually use in battle.

• New dungeon – The Whispering Mausoleum. This dungeon is randomly generated similarly to Quicksand Maze. Rewards include Soul Stones (for Celestial Babies), Zenith Skulls, Zenith Skull Shards, Glyphs (level 4 and level 7), and more.

Codex for Fashion, Flight, Mounts, and Cute Pets. Players can build up their collections in the Codex to receive rewards while saving space in their inventory and other places of storage. Players can also use the Codex to try on most fashion, Flight, mounts, and Cute Pets.

• New Accessories Upgrade is now available:

Players can now upgrade their Jaden Necklaces/Belts using 2 Jaden Crystals.
Players can now upgrade their Rank 9 Ring 1st Recast using Dream Spirit Jadepad.
Players can now upgrade their Warsong Gamma/Jungle Gamma Necklace/Belt to Annihilation and Devastation.
Players can now upgrade their Cube of Fate Gamma to Cube of Fate Delta.
Players can now reroll their Cube of Fate Delta, Annihilation and Devastation for better stats.

• New Accessory Soul Stone Upgrade:

Fire Soul Stone VI (can also be infused with rings.)
Wind Soul Stone VI (can also be infused with rings.)
Earth Soul Stone VI (can also be infused with rings.)
Water Soul Stone VI (can also be infused with rings.)
Galactic Soul Stone
Plasma Soul Stone

• New Item Mall items

Monthly Card and Growth Fund Box. Players can receive Azure Cosmos Dust which can be exchanged at the Blessing Agent in south Archosaur for Fashion, Mounts, Flight, and more.


  • The game will now automatically launch the 64-bit client if you are using a 64-bit operating system.
  • Uncharted Paradise: At the final boss, Lord of Paradise, Qiang Shou and Yu Feng can now seek shelter at the statues of their race to avoid death; Qiang Shou can stand at the Wu Xia or Fa Shih statue, and Yu Feng can stand at the Yu Mang or Yu Ling statue.
  • The Master Bounty Hunter quest for Belle Leun in Silver Stream Palace has been replaced with Night Templar Kivon, the 15th boss in Frozen Hell. The rewards for this quest have also been increased to match the Natya Veda and Lord of Paradise quests.
  • Level 100+ Bounty Hunter I and Master Bounty Hunter quests now award 500,000 Yen.
  • The Level 100+ Bounty Hunter I possible additional rewards have changed to: Supreme Sigil x45 (30%), War Avatar Order (10%), or LV10 Soul Stone Pack (40%). The LV10 Soul Stone Pack allows you to choose an Lv 10 Crimson, Mist, or Amber.
  • The Master Bounty Hunter rewards have been adjusted; Saint Cards(1M) have been replaced with Bounty Noble Cards (can be sold for 1M Yuan), and Saint Cards(5M) have been replaced with Bounty Royal Cards (can be sold for 5M Yuan). The probability of winning certain rewards is unchanged. Existing Saint Cards can only be sold for Yen.
  • You can no longer use (untradable) Shiny Silver Stream Coins to craft (tradable) Silver Stream Coins.
  • You can no longer use Shiny Silver Stream Coins to craft Misty Emblems.
  • War Avatar Pack Cs acquired using Shiny Silver Stream Coins are now bound to the character and cannot be traded or sold.
  • You can now use Shiny Silver Stream Coins to craft Silver Stream Emblems, which can be used to gain 2,500 Fame if you are below 300,000 Fame.
  • When refining with Immortal Stones from quests, they will now also bind gear in addition to making the refinement level non-transferable.
  • Most classes have had their skills rebalanced. Check the full patch notes for more details on what skill changes have been made.
  • Level 100 Bounty Hunter I bosses have been changed to Tyrant Prince Mushi (Silver Stream Palace), Lord of Disaster Soulshriek (Frozen Hell), Natya Veda (Dawnlight Temple), and Lord of Paradise (Uncharted Paradise).
  • Master Bounty Hunter bosses have been changed to Night Templar Kivon (Frozen Hell), Lethal Vengeance (Twilight Temple Revisited Part 1), Shining/Dull Twilight Treasure Twilight Temple Revisited Part 2), and Ultimate Whispering Relic (The Whispering Mausoleum).
  • Level 100 Bounty Hunter I rewards have changed; You now receive a guaranteed War Avatar Pack A, and a possible Bounty Noble Card. Yen rewards have been reduced.
  • Master Bounty Hunter rewards have changed; You now receive a guaranteed War Avatar Treasure Box. There’s also a possible Soul Guide Incense x1 reward for Shining/Dull Twilight Treasure and Ultimate Whispering Relic quests.
  • Many dungeons and regions have had their quest requirements removed. Players can simply enter these maps and dungeons without completing pre-requisite quests. Players will still need to complete the quests if they want to experience the storyline quests.
  • Homestead quests for level 9 and level 10 Mastery have been adjusted.
  • Skill Books are no longer needed for Heaven/Hell skills and Mahayana skills; these skills can simply be leveled up using Soul and Yen.
  • Auction Hall changes: Skill books have been removed from Auction Hall; New mounts and fashion sets have been added.
  • Big Maps around Wave and Feather City have been fixed.
  • Auctioneer’s Frequently searched Items “option” has been fixed.

Known Issues

  • The game does not save your preferences when choosing to use the 32-bit client instead of the 64-bit client in the patcher.
  • You cannot use Soul Boosters in Frost City.


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